Travel Diaries: Troy, NY


This past weekend I traveled to upstate Troy, New York to visit my best friend in college. She attends Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (a school comprised of mostly engineers) and is graduating in just a few months. Since it’s my spring break, I finally had the chance to head up to visit her. She gave me a lovely tour of her beautiful campus and I took some photos to document. Overall, I had a wonderful time! It was a great way to start my break!

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February Favorites

Hey, lovelies! (Insert typical, cliche remark about how fast the month has gone). Although, I am uploading this a tad early because I will be away for the weekend. I have not done a favorites post in quite some time now! To be honest, I always remember too late and the we’re already well into the next month. I will try and do my best to try and include these when I can! I always enjoy other blogger’s favorites posts because it is a neat way to learn about some new things.

1. The Details: Iconic Men’s Accessories by Josh Sims.
I have always had a deep interest in men’s fashion. Truthfully, more than once have I thought about how great it would be if I were a guy instead, haha! I decided to take this interest of mine and do something about it. I ordered this book and could not put it down as soon as it came in. Not only is it a great coffee table book, but it really gives you a quick education on men’s accessories. Josh Sims does a great job of sharing the history of each piece and how it has evolved and ultimately influenced men’s fashion. He discusses everything from the loafer, to the bowler hat, to the pocket square, and even to the fountain pen. This is the perfect beginner’s guide to a gentlemen’s wardrobe.

2. Silver pendant necklace.

My boyfriend and I usually do not exchange big gifts for Valentine’s Day, but this year he surprised me with this beautiful necklace. I was really shocked when I opened it up because I definitely was not expecting it. I do not own a lot of dainty, silver necklaces so this was the perfect addition to my jewelry collection. And it is perfect for everyday wear.

3. The Life of Pablo – Kanye West

Love him or hate him, there is no denying Kanye’s huge presence in today’s entertainment world. Personally, I think he is the biggest asshole, but I still love him and admire him. Yes, he does some things unconventionally and comes off quite egotistical. But he is still a topic of conversation all the time. Most importantly, I think his music really is talented. It is interesting to watch him progress as an artist from College Dropout to MBDTF to The Life of Pablo. Plus, I had a lot of fun making my own TLOP album cover, LOL.

4. Staple T-Shirt

I promise I will stop showing this t-shirt so much once this month is over. I styled in this post and featured it here. I just love the simple graphic and how oversized it is on me. I seriously wore it all the time this month because it is just so easy to chuck on. 

What have you been loving this month?!

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Accessory Necessity

Hey, lovelies! Spring is next month, but before I jump ahead of myself and start getting too excited about the coming of warmer weather, I wanted to give ode to one of my favorite winter accessories. This last month’s low temperatures seemed to have pierced into my body despite the numerous layers I wore and let me tell you, being cold makes me very grumpy. I do my best to stay bundled up, but have noticed the world of a difference wearing a beanie makes when trekking out into the cold. I find when you insulate your head, your body instantly warms up. Beanies have saved my ass so many times this season and I just wanted to take a moment to shout them out!


My favorite one, which you all have seen by now, is my Supreme beanie my boyfriend bought me for Christmas. I have definitely gravitated towards this one the most this season.

Another favorite of mine is this classic beanie I got from Gap 2 years ago. I love the cable knit and the cute, faux-fur pompom! It’s a classic winter beanie and you can’t go wrong with a neutral color either.

I think beanies are the perfect casual accessory to give some character to any outfit. Which is why to be quite honest, this is just half of my beanie collection. I seriously had a problem awhile back and hoarded them like crazy. it just goes to show how much I adore them! What was your winter accessory necessity this year?

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How to Style a Men’s Graphic Tee

Staple Pigeon t-shirt (similar here)
Metaphor midi blazer (here)
Bullhead distressed denim (similar here)
Nike Air Max Thea (similar here)

Lately, I have been really into men’s clothing. I find it is just refreshing to wear something baggy and not so form-fitting like my usual crop-top, skinny jean uniform. In this post I showed you how I styled a men’s plain t-shirt. Similarly, I am taking this simple graphic shirt from Staple Pigeon and styling it be more feminine while still giving ode to men’s street style. I love this midi-blazer because it just slims down the entire outfit and makes your body look more streamlined. The very distressed denim just adds some character and dimension. Lastly, the Air Max Theas are a feminine take on a classic Nike sneaker and I really think they compliment any girl! If you’re looking to invest in your first pair of sneakers, I definitely recommend these. They go so well with everything, super comfortable, and very versatile.

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Against the Grain

Metaphor blouse (here)
Zara mini skirt (similar here)
Bare Feet Shoes OTK boots (similar here)

Hey, lovelies! I really wanted to get in a Valentine’s Day related post before Sunday, but my personal life has been a whirlwind lately and I had to push it aside. I do apologize! I am not one for gift-guides, simply because I am awful at present shopping to begin with. Instead, I have another outfit post, so I hope you do not mind!

Although not what one would consider the “traditional” Valentine’s date night outfit, I still think something like this is appropriate. Perhaps what is most unusual is the lack of pink and red hue from this outfit. However, I can think of only 2 things in my wardrobe that meet that standard. There is nothing wrong with going against the grain! This mustard colored tunic has recently found a way into my collection and I thought it was perfect. Paired with OTK boots, it can really be quite sexy while still maintaining a sense of class.

Speaking of Valentine’s Day, do you guys have any special plans? I can hardly contain my excitement because I get to see da boy and it’s been more than a month — yay! If you are single, not to worry. Grab some of your friends and throw your own Galentine’s Day. It still gives you an excuse to go out and dress cute. Taken or single I wish you a lovely V-Day, lovelies!

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Forever 21 culottes, necklace (here, similar here
H&M top, booties
Old Navy moto jacket

Hey, lovelies! I finally jumped on the culottes band wagon and am never leaving. I was hesitant because I felt like this type of pant would look so awkward on my short body. However, I happened to stumble upon these culottes from F21 for only $6! I felt that was a justifiable price to check out a trend to see if I like it..and what can I say! Really like how they look on. My only gripe with these is that they don’t have any pockets. All day I caught myself trying to put my hands in these nonexistent However, I have been completely converted into a culotte fan because of how comfortable, yet fashion forward they are. I am going to definitely try and scoop some more up for this upcoming spring season!
Don’t forget to enter my Firmoo sunglasses/glasses giveaway here! It ends this Wednesday!

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Review/Giveaway: Firmoo Glasses

Fun fact: I am as blind as a bat. I seriously cannot see anything! As an avid contact wearer, I find it sometimes gets bothersome taking/putting them and they even have the tendency of drying out your eyes every now and then. Despite this, I hated wearing my glasses and avoided them like the plague. Looking back, I realize my problem was that the glasses I had were not cute and didn’t fit my face right! Having a pair of glasses I actually like and properly stay on my face makes a world of difference.

Firmoo was kind enough to send oner these prescription glasses for me to try out. I love how simple they are. No fancy embellishments — exactly what I like. I also enjoy the color of them. An elegant blend of neutral black & brown, which you all know is my type of palette. I will have no trouble matching them with everything I wear.

This frame is a mere $19 which is so attractive to me! It’s hard to find a decent pair of glasses at such a low price. Although not the sturdiest of materials, I find the frames of pleasant quality and are a suitable weight. Firmoo also carries some pretty cute sunglasses, which are also decently priced. I would definitely check them out if you do happen to be in the market for some new specs!

Now, Firmoo also allowed me to have a giveaway for my lovely readers! To enter: FYI: This is good for of one complete Rx/non-Rx eyeglasses from $19-$39, sale items not included. The prize will be offered in form of voucher that covers the glasses. The winner will need to pay shipping depending on country of residence. Five other winners will receive a $10 voucher to use towards a purchase.

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