Accessory Necessity

Hey, lovelies! Spring is next month, but before I jump ahead of myself and start getting too excited about the coming of warmer weather, I wanted to give ode to one of my favorite winter accessories. This last month’s low temperatures seemed to have pierced into my body despite the numerous layers I wore and let me tell you, being cold makes me very grumpy. I do my best to stay bundled up, but have noticed the world of a difference wearing a beanie makes when trekking out into the cold. I find when you insulate your head, your body instantly warms up. Beanies have saved my ass so many times this season and I just wanted to take a moment to shout them out!


My favorite one, which you all have seen by now, is my Supreme beanie my boyfriend bought me for Christmas. I have definitely gravitated towards this one the most this season.

Another favorite of mine is this classic beanie I got from Gap 2 years ago. I love the cable knit and the cute, faux-fur pompom! It’s a classic winter beanie and you can’t go wrong with a neutral color either.

I think beanies are the perfect casual accessory to give some character to any outfit. Which is why to be quite honest, this is just half of my beanie collection. I seriously had a problem awhile back and hoarded them like crazy. it just goes to show how much I adore them! What was your winter accessory necessity this year?

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