Whenever I find myself having a spare moment throughout the day, I seem to always end up on Tumblr. I’ve had my account for years now and it is always my go to cure for boredism or a needed dosage of inspiration. I am currently updating three separate Tumblr blogs because it helps me organize my posts (silly? Maybe..). If you want to check out my personal blog (music, quotes, etc.) click here!

The Tumblr that I have linked permanently on my blog is where I post all my fashion inspiration. Whenever I am in a real slump of what to wear, I always look back on the pictures I have previously reposted.

Lastly, my final tumblr blog is my future life inspiration. It is mostly just interior design that I have fallen in love and everything that I hope my future home will be like. Simply put, it’s my, “life goals”.

What’s your favorite tumblr blog? Or leave me yours and I will follow you! 🙂



 GAP oxford shirt, Banana Republic trousers, Cole Haan loafers, Braetan coat

I took pictures today in my messy room, so I apologize. I was recently introduced to a website, Invaluable, the world’s largest online auction marketplace. They have everything from gorgeous watches like the one that I found to art and antiques. You could definitely score some designer, luxury items for an incredible bargain. I chose this particular watch (Men’s Vintage Rolex Oysterdate Precision) because I was drawn to the black face (Y’know my love for black) and how it looks so strikingly beautiful with the gold numbers. Although this may be a men’s watch, I think that anyone could pull it off. I feel so professional when wearing a watch so the outfit I chose is business casual. I think that accessory goes perfect with the tailored trousers and leather loafers. Am I going to campus or another day in the office? Haha


Clean Cotton

 H&M blazer & blouse, Bullhead jeans, Forever 21 heels

Despite my affinity towards obsidian apparel, I do enjoy the crisp sensation white clothing seems to have. To me, white is the color of a fresh start which was much needed! It also reminds me one of my favorite scented candles, cotton. There’s something about the scent of clean & fresh laundry.


 Uniqlo windbreaker, F21 crop top & pants, Nike Air Max Thea

Happy Friday! I have basically finished my first week of the new semester. I am already over it, to be honest. I definitely have a lot of work ahead of me. But for now, this weekend is going to be so much fun because my two best friends are visiting me! I hope you have a great weekend too 🙂


Forever 21 sweater, H&M trousers, Mossimo heels 

Currently, I despise everything about winter.. The cold has just been a nuisance and I find myself dreaming of a warm and placid spring. But then I put on a sweater like this and frankly, wintertime doesn’t seem half bad. There’s something magical about a cozy sweater, I swear. And I am a big fan of the turtleneck trend. The extra gathering of material around the neck has proven to be quite useful when it comes to keeping warm.

Day 2 Night

 Forever 21 dress

 Stussy jacket, Goodwill flannel, H&M booties

 Old Navy motto jacket, Bare Feet Shoes thigh-high boots

I found this basic, black dress and decided it was the perfect layer dress. I showed two outfits just because the dress is so versatile. I think the latter is perfect for going out, while the first is more casual for daywear.


H&M flannel and boots, Banana Republic trousers, Forever 21 necklace

I have been on the hunt for the perfect pair of grey trousers, but it has proven to be quite difficult to find a pair that fits me that doesn’t require tailoring. I found the pair you see above to temporarily curb my desire. They’re a 00 petite but still too baggy to my liking. Does anyone have any recommendations?

Oh, let’s play I-spy of all the little flaws in my picture. Find: my dog’s bum, his tennis ball, and the water droplets from snow. I was too lazy to redo. Hehe