Off the Grid

Banana Republic shirt (similar here)
Old Navy pants
Soda boots

Greetings! I have a confession…sometimes I still shop in the children’s department. Okay, I have the body of a prepubescent boy and instead of wallowing in my lack of curves, I embrace it. The girl’s section is undeniably cheaper than women’s and sometimes you find amazing deals like these joggers! If you’re short and petite like me, I challenge you to take a look next time you are shopping. I won’t judge!
I am getting so excited for next weekend because I will be in New York City from Friday – Monday (Please leave food recommendations below!) and it is really the only thing keeping me going right now. Although I am going for business, I get to visit my childhood friends, eat good food, and do some shopping! In between I will be attending college fashion week and bridal fashion week. Cannot wait to share my trip with you all! Follow me on instagram¬†for more updates ūüėČ

In the Mood for Nude

Recently, I have been really vibing with the nude trend. As a black and white enthusiast, it kind of makes sense for me to love this color trend. All three colors are simple, natural, and classy. It has appeared everywhere these days. For example, Kanye West’s NYFW show featured an army of models head-to-toe in the color. To be honest, I hated how they all looked like they were wearing pantyhose, but I appreciated the shade of brown and the pieces would actually be nice if they were worn separately.

I had an extra long weekend (4 days – thanks Pope!) and spent a lot of the time aimlessly online window shopping and came across the cutest nude pieces that need to be in my closet a.s.a.p. Here are some of my top nude picks.
1. Thigh high split scuba midi skirt in camel – Missguided $24
2. Sleeveless bodysuit in nude – Missguided $20
3. Faux leather shift dress РTopshop $105
4. Lug sole platform sandals in nude- Forever 21 $32.90
5. Double sided coat РZara $189
6. Front lock detail backpack РAsos $58 

Lastly, a new Ulta opened up right around the corner from my home and I unknowingly walked into the grand opening and got $10 off my purchase. They were having some great sales. NYX products were buy 2, get 1 free! However, I did stumble upon these new brand that I never tried, Essence Cosmetics, and they had a new nude collection out. I decided to pick up 3 lipsticks and a nail polish.

Nude longlasting lipstick РEssence $2.99
1. Cool Nude 2. Come Naturally 3. Porcelain Doll
Nail polish in Pure Soul- Essence $1.99 

So, what do you think of this growing nude trend? Would you rock it?

How To: Style Your BF’s White T-Shirt

Hi guys! For those of you who didn’t know, my boyfriend and I are in a long distance relationship during the school year. We’re about a 7 hour bus ride apart and this past weekend I went to visit him. I had a ¬†lot of fun, but clumsy ol’ me managed to stain every shirt I brought with me. So my boyfriend let me steal one of his plain, white v-neck tees. Boyfriend silhouettes are so in right now, so I thought I would try my hand at styling this big t-shirt three different ways!

1. Business casual. I wore this outfit to a afternoon business meeting at school. What better to compliment your boyfriends’ tee, than a boyfriend blazer? Since both are long and relatively baggy, I thought they would work perfectly together. I made sure the look wasn’t totally loose by wearing my favorite pair of Rag & Bone skinnies. Lastly, I added a chunky, statement necklace to give some character to an otherwise blank canvas.

2. Sporty chic. This outfit is great for everyday use. It’s getting chilly out, so the main focus is my Stussy jacket. I tend to always bring an outerwear piece with my to school because the classrooms are freezing. Keeping to a black and white theme, I tied the end of the bf tee and paired it with a black pencil skirt. I call this sporty chic because I wore my Nike roshes with the outfit to give it that urban vibe.

3. Girls’ Night Out. Boyfriend t-shirt for a gno? Why not?! Wearing a baggy shirt to go to a party or to go clubbing might but absurd to some, but I believe it is all about balance. It is important to not make the outfit look too sloppy, so you need to combat that. Black is the quintessential color for instantly looking put together, which is why these printed legging are the perfect bottom. Don’t forget to top it off with you favorite pair of heels!

So publicly apologizing to my boyfriend but I am commandeering this shirt and never giving it back! It’s just a great basic to have and really versatile. However, despite all these looks, my favorite place to wear this shirt is to sleep, hehe. What’s your favorite way to wear a white t-shirt??


H&M shirt, choker, boots
Zara pencil skirt (here)

As soon as I my eyes laid on this skirt at Zara, I knew it would be a quintessential piece come fall. If I had to choose a color that represented this time of year, it would be mustard yellow. It reminds me of the crunchy leaves you step on and pumpkin spiced lattes (although not really a fan). I think it is the perfect staple bottom. Wear it with black accessories, as I did here, or throw on a chambray shirt with a graphic print crew neck on top for a more casual look. 

Trend Alert: 3D Fashion

Image from

In light of fashion week, I am sure all of you fashionistas have been keeping up with the latest runway trends just like I have been! However, something has recently drawn my attention to a lesser known trend that is bound to make waves rapidly in the industry — 3D printed fashion! It has been making appearances all NYFW. Personally, I love learning about emerging technology, so if you are interested, keep reading!

This whole idea is based off of Additive Manufacturing (AM), technologies or 3D printers that build 3D objects by creating layers of material to create a product. These creations can be made in a variety of materials such as plastic, metal, and ceramic. Believe it or not, this method was first introduced in the 1980s and has been evolving ever since.

Image courtesy of Shapeways.

What does this have to do with fashion you ask? Recently, companies like Shapeways¬†are working with designers to actually 3D print accessories, jewelry, and even a fully-functioning dress! Designers Jessica Rosenkrantz and Jesse Louis-Rosenberg designed a wearable dress that was printed in one single folded piece that’s made from panels connected via hinges. It was so groundbreaking that it has been acquired by the Museum of Modern Art for the permanent collection.

X-ray view rendering. Image courtesy of Shapeways. 
Shapeways conducted an interview with Jessica Rosenkrantz:
“What do you see for the future of 3D printing in clothing and fabrics?We are particularly intrigued by how 3D printing applies to clothing in two areas: new meta-fabrics and customization.Additive manufacturing has to ability to create very complex structures. In the world of clothing and fabrics, this is particularly intriguing because we are already talking about constructed materials. Fabrics produced from fibers that are aggregated and connected to create cloth with certain properties. For instance, knit cotton has stretch and woven cotton does not. Typically these material properties are constant throughout a whole piece of fabric. With 3D printing, we can start to create really weird fabric-like assemblages or mashups. We can print a textiles with gradations of material properties like stretch, flex, warmth, color, etc.3D printing also favors the production of hyper-customized, one of a kind goods. We will see more apps like Kinematics that create custom-fit clothing and accessories from body data.”
The coolest thing about Shapeways is that you can actually design something and get it 3D printed! Check out the process:
How cool is that?! You can actually make the ideas in your head come alive. Once you have designed and created your product, you can actually sell what you created on the same website!
The 3D fashion industry is still being dabbled in and improvements are constantly happening. Watch out for it! I think it will no doubt be an emerging trend. Big designers/artists like Nike, Francis Bitonti, and Dita Von Tesese are already utilizing these methods. Definitely be on the lookout for this newest trend!
What do you think of this trend? Are you interested? Let me know your thoughts by leaving a comment!

Review: Polette Luxia (+ OOTD)

Polette eyeglasses (here)
Forever 21 sweater, necklace
Bullhead skinny jeans
Mossimo heels

A couple of weeks ago I received my new eyeglasses from Polette¬†and I am finally here to tell you how I feel about them. I wanted to wait a while so I could really get a true feel for them. If you follow me on instagram, you probably already saw when I debuted them in my selfie! I definitely had an affinity towards contacts my whole life because I was never in love with the eyeglasses that I owned. I felt they looked weird and didn’t match my sense of style. However, my inclination towards eye wear completely changed once I got these! I just love how they are grey wood frames, something I think is pretty unique. I have been wearing them all the time now! With this outfit, among many others, I feel like they give a completely new vibe to it. Just wearing them ¬†makes the outfits look more smart and put together. As far as quality, the frames are sturdy, comfortable, and you most definitely get your moneys worth. No doubt these will be my new favorite accessory for a long time!

Fall For You

CN Direct skirt (here)
H&M booties
Victoria’s Secret bralette

In Philadelphia, we are still in the midst of balmy, sweaty weather and I am honestly so tired of it. I cannot wait for autumn to approach because that means the return of sweaters, layering, and boots! However, I wanted to get a head start (because I am impatient) and this skirt from CN Direct was the key. It is a thicker, tweed fabric, making it the perfect transition piece as we head into chillier weather. By itself, the skirt can feel a bit officey, but I paired it with a thin, off-the-shoulder top that just lets my bralette peak out! That way the outfit is less formal and good for more everyday wear! What’s your favorite season?