Monthly Favorites: April

 1. Sandals from Forever 21 (here). If you have been following my blog, you know that I have featured these a few times in posts! I already know they’re going to be my go-to shoe come summertime when there is consistently warm weather. Since I’m short, I always love adding a bit of height. The chunky heel makes these super comfortable as well. I successfully walked around NYC for a whole day in them and I was fine!

 2. Nars minis from Sephora (here). If you’re a beauty insider at Sephora you receive a free birthday gift every year. This year it features two mini Nars lip pencils: velvet matte lip pencil in cruella and satin lip pencil in rikugien. I love these because it combines a lipstick and lip pencil in one product which makes for long lasting color. However, do make sure that your lips are hydrated prior to application because it can accentuate dryness.

3. Candle and bracelet from Alex and Ani. My boyfriend sent me these two gifts for my birthday. The candle smells amazing. Very musky which is exactly what I like. It also has a wooden wick, which I tend to think burn a little better than the standard wick. The bracelet is made really well and features my birth stone. I’ll definitely be wearing this everyday!

4. Necklace from Etsy. My roomie got me this adorable layered necklace that she ordered via Etsy (I’m not sure the exact shop). I love layering my necklaces, but this makes life so much easier since it’s all connected. I’ve worn it so many times this month!


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Highs & Lows

H&M dress, choker
Forever 21 sandals (here)

This is going to serve as the perfect dress for upcoming summer nights. Its’ loose silhouette allows you to breathe and be comfortable and the eyelash lace lining the neckline makes it interesting. Of course I paired it with my favorite sandals and gold jewelry. Plus, how cute is that slight peephole back? 

Finals Pt. I

Forever 21 varsity jacket (similar)
Urban Outfitters tank
PINK pencil skirt
As I mentioned previously, I am in final exam season. Life evolves around crawling up in the library, downing cups of coffee, and sleepless nights. As exhausting as it might be, I have an appreciation for those who still manage to look put together. So, throughout the rest of my semester, I thought I would share some of my comfortable, exam-friendly outfits that don’t make you look like a slob!
An easy way to look cool, calm, and collected is to go for the classic all black ensemble. I stuck with jersey/cotton fabric because it’s so comfortable. The leather mesh detail on the tank top also provides a slight mix in texture for separation. Anyone else have upcoming finals?

New York Bridal Fashion Week

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of attending International New York Bridal Fashion Week, a biannual bridal trade show event. People forget how big the wedding fashion industry is and attending NYBFW really opens your eyes. There were millions of gorgeous gowns, ranging from low to high prices, along with accessories, shoes, lingerie, and jewelry. I thought I would share some of my favorites with you all!

This was the first dress that I saw and it made my jaw drop. I love how form-fitting it is and how it waterfalls out at the bottom. Plus, the back is open, giving it a very classy. yet sexy vibe.

The minute details in this collection were absolutely stunning. The beading, floral, and lace really added some feminine and sweet elements to each dress.

These dresses were definitely for the extravagant, daring bride. Complete with sheer backs and plunging necklines, it takes more than the average woman to rock these! So gorgeous though and I had the best seat!

Lastly, some of the most glamorous wedding dresses I have ever laid eyes upon. Di Santo’s dresses are all about volume. She uses millions of layers to achieve such a princess-like effect. Truly amazing.
Does this make you excited to get married? Because I am eager now! I can only wish to be able to don a gown as pretty as one of these!


H&M plaid shirt, skirt
Forever 21 necklaces, sandals

I apologize for my lack of activity lately and for the next couple of weeks. Final season is approaching and there is so much that needs to be done academically that it is hard for me to dedicate some time to anything else. Trust me, I am counting down the minutes until summer.
This outfit is super basic. If you haven’t noticed, a lot of my clothing is from H&M and Forever 21 and I tend to reuse a lot of the same pieces. Being fashionable on a budget is a challenge for sure, but alas can be done. I have accumulated a lot of things from the aforementioned stores over the years and I still love them. I would love to try better brands more often, but financially it can’t be done. Damn you, college. But I think it’s important to know that one can remain stylish while also paying college tuition!


H&M blazer & choker
American Apparel dress (here)
Sam & Libby heels (here)
Featuring yet another piece from the American Apparel sale a few weeks ago, I present to you this lace/chiffon dress I scored for only $6! It’s suitable for the warmer spring weather because chiffon fabric is so light and breezy, acting as the perfect breathable dress. Oh and Target never ceases to amaze me, especially when I came across these heels this past weekend. So affordable and extremely comfortable!

Shades of Creme

H&M blazer
American Eagle crop top
American Apparel easy jeans (here)
Forever 21 sandals (here)

It is finally a day that feels like spring in Philly! Therefore, I am rejoicing and straying away from my usual dark outfits. Let me just tell you how obsessed with these pants. Being a petite girl, it is always so hard to find pants that fit properly, but these American Apparel ones (xxs) are almost perfect. They have a bit of extra material in the middle of my leg, but besides that they fit like a glove. I snagged these during their online sale for $8 which is a blessing since they’re quite pricy (for me anyway). Once they have another huge sale, ya bet I’m going to try and get some more!