H&M blazer (here)
Zara mini skirt (similar here)
Charlotte Russe wedges (similar here)
Hello, lovelies! Now fully in the midst of winter break and I am loving it. In fact, the mere thought of school practically moves me to tears. Don’t make me go back! I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and also hope Santa treated you well! I got surprised with a new Macbook Pro! It is so nice to be blogging via a new laptop. As a Windows user all my life is taking a little bit to get handle on, but definitely loving it. 
I put together this outfit and it is perfect for going out in or to a late holiday party! Or perhaps even NYE?! For someone who is not a fan of too much shimmer, this is something I would like wearing! Although, to be honest I don’t really do anything too fancy for the new year. Last year I just spent the night watching the ball drop with my boo thang and there’s not a better way I would want to ring in the new year! What are your plans for NYE?! 

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Cozy Night Indoors: Sleep Chic

Hey lovelies! Today I wanted to share how I spend a cozy night indoors.I don’t know about you, but winter makes me so lazy. When it comes to going out, I really have internal debates if it is worth it. To be honest, sometimes the lazy choice wins because the idea of layering up, battling the cold, and leaving the comfort of home is not appealing! So when that is the case, here is what I like to do!

It is quite blustery here in good ol’ PA so one of the ideal ways to combat this is just to stay in. I always have my fireplace on and cuddle up next to it. Instant warmth. It is so toasty but sometimes is not so great when you need to get up and the cold pierces your body, haha. Also does anyone else live in their robes besides me? This fluffy robe is my favorite because it honestly feels like wearing a blanket. A snuggie but way more practical (anyone remember that craze? haha).

My favorite indoor past time is Netflix + chill. But for real. When I have the night off I love catching up on my favorite shows or throwing on a movie. This past week, I just watched all of the previous Star Wars movies and saw the newest one in theaters last night. (Side note: I cannot believe I have not watched them before! I fell so in love with the movies). Tuning into a good show is a great way to relax and give your mind a rest. TV can be a good escape from reality, even if it is just for a little bit.

Besides my robe, when I am relaxing indoors my favorite thing to wear is bralettes. They do not have the feeling of regular bras which can often be uncomfortable, especially after a long day. Plus, they look cute too! If you are in need of some undergarment shopping, I highly suggest Adore Me, a website that carries an array of lingerie, sleepwear, and corsets. I am loving this bralette which would be perfect for my cozy nights in. Cute lingerie is something I think every girl needs. Not to show off to a man, but to really make yourself feel good and feel sexy. It’s all about enclothed cognition. 🙂

Lastly, my favorite thing to do is to indulge. One of my favorite snacks is coffee ice cream. Mmmm. Sometimes a little something sweet is exactly what you need. On these nights in, I will make myself a bowl of ice cream and eat that as I watch my show. There’s really nothing better.

Ultimately, cozy lingerie + warmth + good movie + ice cream = my idea of heaven! A lazy night in every now and then is a necessity to me. Life can be chaotic, especially during the holiday season, so it is nice to take a night off to relax and focus on yourself. What is your idea of a cozy night in?

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Holiday Lace

She Inside lace dress (here)
Bare Feet over-the-knee boots (similar here and here)
I am working with She Inside again to share an outfit I think is holiday party friendly! This take is a little bit on the subdue side without being in the face with vibrant reds or shimmery sequins (don’t get me wrong I like both). This dress caught my eye on the website because of the beautiful, deep brown/burgundy that it is in. I thought the way the lace seems to crisscross was such a beautiful
touch and also the lace collar which you can’t really see in my pictures – sorry! The back/front is all lace though so you definitely need to wear a slip underneath. Here I am just wearing an extra long tank top. 
Although it is cold, you can definitely get away with wearing dresses in winter. Next time I wear this, I will be adding a pair of sheer, black tights. The over-the-knee boots also add some warmth to your legs. Throw on a leather moto jacket over the dress and then you are ready to head out to your next Christmas party!

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Skin Care: Mario Badescu Multimasker & DHC Cleansing Oil

Hello, beauties! As you know by now, my repertoire is mainly fashion, however today I wanted to try something different. Recently, in the mail I got some skincare goodies and thought I would try my hand at a proper beauty review for you all. I took advantage of Urban Outfitter’s Cyber Monday sale and picked up the Mario Badescu Multimasker. I have always wanted to try out this brand because I hear youtuber’s rave about it (specifically Weylie, hey girl). Basically, it is an assorted pack of 3 different face masks. The idea is that when treating your skin, there are different problematic sections and they should be treated as so. Instead of placing one kind of product all over, this set allows you to really customize the treatment to maximize the benefits. They recommend you should use each 2-3 times a week for optimal results.

My favorite of the 3 has to be the Enzyme Revitalizing Mask whose purpose is to draw impurities from the skin to leave it nourished, refreshed, and renewed. First off, this one smells amazing thanks to the papaya and grapefruit extracts in it. I could smell it when it was on my skin and mmm it was actually kind of distracting it smelled that good! My skin is not that sensitive but I heard that this a HG product for those who do experience that. It is very gentle on the skin and gives a nice healthy glow when removed. The best part is that my skin is so soft and this lasts for a good day.

Second, the Flower and Tonic Mask unclogs pores and removes excess oils. This one is rich in antioxidant ferulic acid that helps brighten, hydrate, and support collagen content. The first thing I noticed about this mask is the formula is quite liquidy. In fact, I didn’t expect it when I first opened it and had a minor spill — oops. Although, it does not smell quite as nice as the aforementioned it does have a nice, clean scent to it. It cleanses and purifies my face really well. In fact, I had the remenants of a pimple from earlier that week and it helped heal the area and reduce the noticability of that spot. 

Lastly, the Drying Mask is the one deeper in color. It is a colloidal sulfur based mask that aims to dry pimples aand oil while also clarifying problematic, acne-prone skin. I read in a review that this mask is also great for acne in other places like the back. However, I have not really given this mask a proper try so I won’t dwell on it too much. Luckily, my skin type is mostly dry and I do not experience much break outs except for the occasional pimple every now and then, If you are interested, let me know and I can do a follow up review in a month or so!

In addition to the Mario Badescu products, I also picked up the DHC Deep Cleansing Oil (no longer on Urban Outfitters). It is a makeup remover that dissolves all traces of dirt and cosmetics (even waterproof) while also nourishing your complexion. The main ingredient is olive oil and it pretty much has that texture. You use dry hands to massage onto your face and then add some water. As I mentioned earlier, my skin is relatively dry so I thought this would be a good product to try out. So far, I am loving it. It removes makeup fairly well and moisturizes my skin! I am not going to substitute it for my makeup remover completely, but maybe use it every couple of days or so to give my skin a treat.

That concludes my mini skincare review for you all! I hope you enjoyed it and felt it somewhat useful. It is quite rare that I treat myself to some decent skincare, but that cyber monday sale was too good to pass up, yo! If you try out any of these products, let me know what you think of them! And if you have any recommendations for me, let me know that too!

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Fashion Wishlist: $15 and under!

I love a good buy. I’ve mentioned time and time again that it is hard to find the finances for clothes all of the time as a student in college. I am not ashamed that I love discount shopping, especially for trendy pieces. I recently discovered #Bang Good#, a marketplace with a variety of products, women’s fashion included. I managed to find some pieces I am really digging and the best part is that they are all under $15!

Slim turtleneck – $4.99

The first is this turtleneck and obviously what drew me towards it was the sheer sleeves! I saw a similar item on a different website but was not too sure about it because it was translucent all over. However, this one is just on the sleeves and I think that this makes it much more wearable and classy. Plus, it is a turtleneck and I love turtlenecks!!

Lace Blouse – $11.99

Similar to the first one, this top is a mock neck with beautiful lace paneling! I immediately thought that this could be a good holiday party top. It would look so good with black pants or even a red pencil skirt. It is also a bit sheer at the top, but again in a classy, elegant way. It could really dress up an outfit.

Bodycon dress – $14.99

This probably fits in with the “Kylie fashion” trend going on, Not too much of a fan, but not going to lie that I dig the style of this dress. I love body hugging pieces and I think this is so cute for going out! The cinched side is a great detail and really accentuates your curves (ideal for me because I don’t have any, haha), And for $15? Can’t beat it.

Tartan Shawl – $4.88

During the fall/winter, if you see me outdoors, I am most likely wearing a scarf. I usually cannot leave the house without one because I get so cold easily and it makes a huge difference. I love this tartan print one because of how big it is. It seriously is so versatile and I can picture myself wearing it like a poncho/shawl over top of a plain long sleeve because that trend is huge right now.

What’s your favorite piece?

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Tech Talk: Selfie Mirror

A couple years back, the term “selfie” was not used and certainly not a part of our daily vocabulary as it is today. Selfies have certainly revolutionized who we are and how we perceive ourselves and others. As superficial as it is, there is no denying the influence they have.

I was recently introduced to the SelfieMirror, the first smart mirror to exist. As the name suggests, this new technology allows you to take a selfie picture hands free. This is particularly nice for me and other fashion bloggers because it is an easy way to take a full-body picture on your own. You simply set the timer and the mirror does the rest. Once taken, you can immediately share it to your social media accounts. This is the feature that I am most excited for! As a blogger who primarily takes her own photos, this would make the process so helpful. Similarly, you can also use the mirror to take HD video and upload it right to YouTube.

However, there are many more features of the SelfieMirror than the selfie itself. There’s the home surveillance option that uses the HD camera to monitor your home when you are not around. To me, this would be beneficial if I am leaving my pets for the day. It could let me check in on them to see how they are doing. Or it is simply ideal for security reasons. The mirror can also be used for communicating! The camera lets you make Skype calls. This feature is perfect for me because I have a LDR with my boyfriend and it will let me see his face when we’re apart.

The SelfieMirror is a smart mirror so there is a information dashboard built in that will let you have access to the date, time, weather, and news. When getting ready for the day, you could do your makeup while simultaneously getting updated on all the information you need to know. Also, it has a built in Hi-Fi amplifier and speakers so you can also listen to your music via internet radio, smartphone, or soundcloud.

The future is here people! I have no doubt that the SelfieMirror will revolutionize homes as it makes its debut inn 2016. Eager for it? You can donate to the Indiegogo page, check out their facebook, and follow them on instagram. I personally cannot wait to get my hands on my own SelfieMirror!

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