Tech Talk: Selfie Mirror

A couple years back, the term “selfie” was not used and certainly not a part of our daily vocabulary as it is today. Selfies have certainly revolutionized who we are and how we perceive ourselves and others. As superficial as it is, there is no denying the influence they have.

I was recently introduced to the SelfieMirror, the first smart mirror to exist. As the name suggests, this new technology allows you to take a selfie picture hands free. This is particularly nice for me and other fashion bloggers because it is an easy way to take a full-body picture on your own. You simply set the timer and the mirror does the rest. Once taken, you can immediately share it to your social media accounts. This is the feature that I am most excited for! As a blogger who primarily takes her own photos, this would make the process so helpful. Similarly, you can also use the mirror to take HD video and upload it right to YouTube.

However, there are many more features of the SelfieMirror than the selfie itself. There’s the home surveillance option that uses the HD camera to monitor your home when you are not around. To me, this would be beneficial if I am leaving my pets for the day. It could let me check in on them to see how they are doing. Or it is simply ideal for security reasons. The mirror can also be used for communicating! The camera lets you make Skype calls. This feature is perfect for me because I have a LDR with my boyfriend and it will let me see his face when we’re apart.

The SelfieMirror is a smart mirror so there is a information dashboard built in that will let you have access to the date, time, weather, and news. When getting ready for the day, you could do your makeup while simultaneously getting updated on all the information you need to know. Also, it has a built in Hi-Fi amplifier and speakers so you can also listen to your music via internet radio, smartphone, or soundcloud.

The future is here people! I have no doubt that the SelfieMirror will revolutionize homes as it makes its debut inn 2016. Eager for it? You can donate to the Indiegogo page, check out their facebook, and follow them on instagram. I personally cannot wait to get my hands on my own SelfieMirror!

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