Treat Yo Self!

So, tonight I decided to pamper myself by just having some “me” time. So, this won’t be my most fashionable post, but I thought I would share some of the things I like to do when I just want to relax. First thing, I get in my comfy clothes. Tonight I went for my Uniqlo heattech fleece turtle neck. Holy crap! This thing is so soft and warm. As soon as I touch it I escape to this cozy utopia where nothing is wrong in the world.

 Pedicure time! Painting my nails always gives me a sense of ease. It’s so nice to just focus on a mindless task. I have been loving this light pink color. It’s my third week in a row wearing it. I’m obsessed with the look of having clean and simple nails. This NYC (Prospect Park Bloom) formula isn’t bad either for being so cheap!

 Lastly, a long, hot bath always does the trick. I used one of my favorite LUSH products, the sex bomb. Girl, this thing does wonders. Not only does it smell wonderful, but my skin is significantly softer when I’m done!

These days always remind of that one episode of Parks and Recreation ^, I could have gotten some homework done, but I haven’t had a night like this to myself in awhile and it felt deserving! How do you like to relax?

Pleats Me

Goodwill sweater, American Apparel tennis skirt, Forever 21 knee-highs, Cole Haan loafers
Once upon a time, the idea of a uniform repulsed me. Ever since elementary school I loved the fact that I had the liberty to wear what I pleased, as long as it didn’t violate the school code. However, when Gossip Girl season 1 first premiered I became infatuated with the timeless style of Blair Waldorf and a school uniform did not seem as terrible. Although I have never been subjected to such, I guess this outfit could be considered my uniform inspiration outfit. Pleated skirt x knee-high socks are a combination that never fails. 

Long Time, No See

I have yet again failed my promise of updating my blog daily, but I have to say I missed this terribly. All of a sudden, it felt like I was hit with a wave of things to do and blogging slowly fell to the bottom of my to-do list. As you know, I am in college and school work started to pile up. Thankfully, midterm season has just come to a close and I finally feel as if I can breathe a bit. Besides school, what else have I been up to? What better way to timeline my life by recapping my instagram posts for you:

Apartment decorating! Flowers make everything more cozy 🙂
 Work, work, work

Worked at a fashion show and this was the jewelry 
display. S’cute right 🙂

 Of course I have been shopping non-stop…

And just this past weekend I went home to visit
the family, including this little goober. He loves his walks!
Now that things are winding down for now, I hope I can post more frequently than I have been. Thanks for bearing with me. What have ya’ll been up to lately? 🙂