Stripes For Life

Dressin off-the-shoulder dress (here)
H&M belt
Mossimo heels

Off-the-shoulder tops and dresses have had a special place in my heart as of lately. Exposing the shoulders is a subtle way to incorporate some sexiness into your outfit. This ensemble from Dressin was a bit boxy on my petite frame, but it was not a problem to fix! I just threw on a belt to cinch my waist to create some sort of shape. 
Week #2 of the semester is in the works today and I am slowly feeling the pressure of added on assignments! However, I promise to be the best blogger I can be (time allotted) and post rather regularly. Props to everyone who is balancing a lot of rules and duties in their life. I know sometimes it is hard to maintain a certain degree of composure when there is so much to be done in a short amount of time. Just remember to stay focused and organized! Trust me, hard work dutifully pays off 🙂

Anjolee: Jewelry Review

Women and diamonds go hand-in-hand, there is no denying it. But hey, who would not enjoy something as eye-catching and beautiful as a diamond. Jewelry is such an underrated piece of any outfit. Think about it, jewelry has the ability to instantly elevate a basic, white tee and jeans and all you have to do is throw on a statement necklace and it is instantly fashionable.

Personally, I was never the type of person to spend much on jewelry. I always buy the cheap costume jewelry that I maybe get a year out of. Don’t get me wrong, I still love that, but I must say it is nice to splurge on a nice, timeless piece of jewelry that you can have for years. Anjolee, originator of the tennis diamond bracelet, was founded in 1977 and has been growing steady ever since. They offer high quality, hand-crafted jewelry using only the best diamonds, gemstones, and metals. If you are hesitant on buying expensive jewelry from an online retailer, let me just tell you that Anjolee complies to the 2003 Kimberly Act, ensuring all diamonds come from a legitimate source. Plus, they include a certificate of authenticity with your order. 

I received a custom made sterling silver garnet bracelet. I was so attracted to the deep maroon (my favorite) color of the garnet. I thought it would be a nice, subtle pop of color which is perfect for me because of my inclination towards monochromatic attire. The bracelet can make a statement on its own or you can pair it with other ones for a cute layered look. Needless to say, I will definitely be incorporating it in some of my everyday wear.

What I loved the most about this company was the fact that there are so many customization options! While choosing my garnet tennis bracelet, I was able to decide on the metal type, total carat weight, bracelet length, and gemstone, that way you can ensure you get exactly what you want. This is so important to me because I have such skinny wrists and can usually never purchase bracelets online!

Anjolee was such a pleasure to work with! If you are in the market for some amazing jewelry to add to your lifelong collection, look no further! I promise you will not be disappointed.


Dressin dress (here)
H&M belt and choker 
Mossimo heels 

If you live in the east coast or somewhere where there is similar seasonal patterns, you know that autumn is creeping around the corner. Although I think fall fashion is by far the best, I do admit that I will miss the carefree, easygoing styles of summer. That is why I enjoy taking full advantage of the remaining warm days and breaking out some cute dresses! I received this one from Dressin and I thought it had such a unique cut.It is sexy without being too revealing. It’s so easy to dress up and down too. This particular getup would be perfect for a dinner date in the city. Or if you wanted to wear it to class, throw on some flats and a chunky cardigan. 

Apartment Tour

So since I moved into a new apartment for the school year, I wanted to show you around my new space! You can check out my old tour here to compare. This time I have a much bigger space to work with and I am sure that you will see many OOTD posts in my room from now on. I used a lot of the same stuff with just a few additions. I am in love with the end result!


H&M blazer and pants
Old Navy top 
Forever 21 nude heels

I am a big fan of suits or just office attire in general. Although I swear it’s a minor reason of why I chose my particular career path, I am not going to deny my affinity for office-wear and being a business major. It just worked out! As my last weekend of summer approaches, I thought it would be appropriate to show a more professional look for those going out for an internship, running for club office, job interview, or doing a class presentation. Whatever the reason, this look is perfect for just that! White/cream pant suits always remind me of Olivia Pope (Scandal anyone?) and by wearing this I hope to mirror her very essence. I don’t watch the show anymore, but when I did, I always admired her ability to look put together all the time. Not to mention her strong-willed personality and emulation of a powerful “gladiator in a suit”. That being said, I wish to take some of Pope’s characteristics (attributes and style) and apply them to myself in this upcoming school year!

Rain Woman

Dresslink trench coat (here)
Forever 21 dress
H&M boots

I trekked to my local park and managed to shoot these photos in less than 10 minutes before the sky opened up and poured buckets of rain. I made it back to my car only getting slightly wet. I thought this outfit was appropriate for the day because it was raining off and on. There is something so satisfying about wearing a rain/trench coat on days when the weather is fitting. Does anyone else feel this way? I might just be me being weird, haha. Anyway, love the length of this cotton dress I purchased at F21 recently. It’s a chic mid-length. I love it though because of its’ relaxed fit. A lot of dresses, especially mid-length ones, are so tight and form-fitting. However, this one is slightly baggy and comfortable, without comprising any cuteness. to complete the look, I chucked on my black booties to avoid any puddles. 


A bit of a different post, but I wanted to show off  my newest vintage piece from The Break Vintage (not sponsored). I was looking for a souvenir jacket and fell in love with this one. The embroidery is absolutely gorgeous and a unique way to add some color into an outfit. If you didn’t know, I am Korean so I thought that I could show off some of my pride. It is very warm and I cannot wait to style it come the colder weather! Do you buy vintage pieces as well?