Last Minute Halloween Costume: Oh deer!

Halloween is almost here! The past couple of years I haven’t really had the desire to spend more than like $15 on a costume to wear. So, I kind of just make due with what I have and go from there. I decided to be a deer this year! It’s simple and inexpensive and I wanted to share it with you all in case your stumped for a last minute outfit to wear! All you need: Tan dress/outfit, antlers (I made mine by taping branches on a headband LOL), tan shoes, and white/black eyeliner! 

So simple, right?! Although I recently just bought the dress, it was comforting to know that I can wear it beyond Halloween. What are you being for Halloween?!
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Home is Where Your Dog Is

Old Navy moto jacket
Boohoo crop top (here)
Zara skirt (here)
Deal Sale clutch (Item SV020902)
H&M booties

I came home from school for the weekend to visit the family and to work a few shifts at my job at home. Nothing ever beats coming home to your dog greeting you, especially if it has been a month since you have seen them. My dog, Kono, went ballistic and it made my heart melt! He is such a cutie. 
It was a bit warm today, so I decided to take advantage and wear a skirt because it’s probably going to be one of the last chances I get! I am still so obsessed with this mustard yellow pencil skirt from Zara. Today, I decided to pair it with a forest green crop top to provide that full autumn effect. I match with the leaves, hehe!

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Deal Sale coat, bag

Bag Item Number: SV002902
Coat Item Number: SV026387 
Outerwear is my ultimate fashion vice. I cannot get enough of bombers, coats, blazers, etc. Being petite, I am inherently always cold no matter what (my boyfriend gets annoyed because all I do is complain about being cold haha). That’s why I have just grown to love layering and the ability to bundle up. When choosing things from the Deal Sale app, I was drawn to this coat. It’s perfect for fall because it’s not too heavy or light. I paired it with my knee-high boots because those do a great job of keeping my lower half warm.
I never shopped from an app before this, but if you are interested I will leave codes for you to check out Deal Sale. Shipping only took a week and quality is similar to F21: 
$100 Coupon – DealSale website :
70% off – IOS :
70% off – Android :

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New York City

Finally got to writing this post about my NYC trip from October 9-11. I stayed with my childhood friend who currently goes to NYU. His apartment was in East Village and it was such a cute part of the city! It was just minutes away from his campus and Union Square. 
The highlight of my whole trip had to have been my indulgence in food. The first night there I finally got to try Eddie Huang’s BaoHaus which has been on my bucket list for the longest time. I got the chairman bao (pork belly) and the taro fries. Who knew taro would make deliciously, crisp fries? Not me! But if you ever find yourself there, you need to order them because they make for the perfect side. After, we of course had to get dessert so we dashed across the street to a Japanese creperie restaurant and I got the green tea truffle crepe. 

Saturday I was chosen to be a model for Her Campus College Fashion Week and had to be there all day from 12-9:30pm. Although it was a lot of waiting around, I was glad I went because I was able to network with the sweetest blogger girls and had my first (probably last) experience walking on a runway! I now give so many props to the models who do that for a living. It’s not a piece of cake!

Photo by Christopher Huang

On Sunday, I met up with my internship boss and we attended the New York Bridal Fashion Week trade show. This is always a ton of fun and I got to preview some amazing wedding gowns for the upcoming season. We saw a lot of cape action, taupe, and separates (crop top & skirt). 

This is when I realized I was an awful blogger. I thought I took a lot more photos than I did and was disappointed in myself. Then again, I was having so much fun that I didn’t even remember to whip out my dslr and snap a few shots. I guess that means I enjoyed myself, haha. To be honest, New York City is amazing and I consider myself an urban person, but it’s just a lot to take in. I am not sure if I could see myself living there anytime soon. By the time the weekend was over, I was glad to be back in Philly where everything was familiar (and cheaper)! However, it was a good time and I am so grateful I had the opportunity to go!

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Boohoo turtleneck (here)
Zara high-waist jeggings (here)
H&M boots (here)

Not too long ago, I posted about my obsession with the nude trend. so naturally I had to try it out for myself. I found this awesome mock turtleneck shirt in the perfect shade of camel. It fits so nice because it isn’t too tight and is really flattering. I paired it with some neutrals to keep it simple for this casual outfit. 
PS. New York was so much fun! I got to hang out and catch up with some of my greatest childhood friends, as well as attend a few fashion events. I plan on doing a post soon as soon as I get some more photos in from one of the event. Stay tuned!

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Manic Monday

Thrifted top
Old Navy motorcycle jacket
H&M pants
Mossimo heels

It is only Monday..Currently having this feeling where I know I have so much to get done and it is inevitable that this week is going to drag on. Monday is the day that is tempting to bum it and wear comfortable, frumpy clothes because it makes an easy transition from weekend to week mode. However, do not give in! I personally feel put together and more productive when I still make an effort to look nice. Enclothed Cognition is a concept that I am constantly trying to preach to everyone. If you dress lazy, most likely you will feel lazy. If you dress professional, your attitude will reflect that. So this Monday I urge you to not fall into that slump! Let’s get through this week together 🙂

Tips: Style on a Budget (College Living)

As a third-year college student, I can strongly say that I feel I honed in on how to maintain a sense of style without spending a load of money. Just to give you an idea of what I am working with, I have a part-time retail job, but only work when I am home, which is basically only around holidays. That being said, it is hard to get used to not having a steady flow of income. (I am now trying to get a job around campus, but it has been proven to be quite difficult).

First, my money goes to what matters most in life — food. To save money in this department, I cook all my meals at home. Trust me, this saves so much money. I tend to spend approximately $15/week on groceries. I am a strong advocate of learning how to cook on your own (not just ramen and easy mac either). Not only do you save major moolah, but you can control exactly what you are putting into your body. As much as I would love to order takeout every night, I feel good knowing that I am ingesting healthy foods. Think about it, if you spend at least $5 for dinner alone every night, that’s $35 a week?! You could buy a cute shirt with that, haha!

The next thing I do is periodically go through my wardrobe and get rid of any clothes that I have not worn in awhile. I used to have such a hard time with this because I was a pack rat and felt the need to save everything in case I wanted to wear it that one time (aka never). Take the time and really think about if you need that sweater sitting forlornly in the depths of your closet. After collecting all the clothing, go through and pick out the pieces in good condition and take them to your nearest consignment shop. I go to places like Buffalo Exchange and Plato’s Closet to try and sell my clothing. Although they do not necessarily give you what you initially paid for it, it definitely helps. Or you could try and sell your clothing online at places like ThredUP or Poshmark (I am just too lazy for this option, lol). If anything else, you can always just donate what did not sell.

Let’s get down to the good stuff. What do I do when it actually comes to shopping? Before even stepping out the door, I make sure to set a budget for myself. I come up with a max amount and as I shop, I know I cannot exceed this amount. It is all about self-control. In the actual store, you come across the cutest blouse, but it is slightly expensive. Be logic about it. Do you think you can create at least 5+ different outfits with this blouse? Do you have anything similar to this? Can you get it somewhere else for cheaper? After appropriately evaluating you can then decide if you should treat yourself to the blouse! Avoiding impulse buys and being a smart shopper is essential to saving money.

Lastly, do not be afraid to shop at the inexpensive stores if you are trying to save finances. As much as I would love to blow my money at my favorite stores (Zara, Topshop, Nastygal, etc.), I just cannot let myself spend that much. You have to accept this. I know that Forever 21, H&M, and even thrift stores are not the best quality, but they are the best price. These stores are a great place to purchase your trendy items without breaking the bank. I know that once I graduate and go into the “real world” with a (hopefully) decent salary, I will then be able to spend money on nicer clothes. You do not always have to wear the best labels to be a good fashion blogger! Work with what you got and your sense of style will be communicated. 🙂

Those are  some of the most important tips I came up with when it comes to being fashionable, while also being in school. Tuition is high and finances are tight. Trust me, I get this. Which is why I encourage you to be smart when you shop! Be creative and rework some pieces in your wardrobe into different outfits. I have been wearing clothing I have purchased all the way back in middle school because I just find different ways to wear it! Style on a budget is possible, you just have to work a little bit harder! xo