If I Were a Boy

Dresslink striped shirt (here)
H&M boys harem pants 
Mossimo heels
Forever 21 necklaces

I love stripes because they are such a timeless pattern. I was drawn to this t-shirt because of the boxy cut and largely spaced stripes. I think that this is the perfect basic to have as you can pair it wish so many things – denim shorts, leather mini skirt, or pants like this outfit. I decided to give an urban twist to it with these pants I purchased from H&M about 5 years ago. I am notorious for shopping in the children’s section, but I just had to have them. The zipper hardware and silk lining were to die for. Lastly, I wore some heels to give me some sort of girlish silhouette in an otherwise baggy look.

An Elephant Sometimes Forgets

Dresslink dress (here)
H&M floppy hat
Charlotte Russe wedges 

Lately, Pennsylvania has been struck with an extreme summer heatwave. It has been so incredibly hot, however it is almost bearable on the days when I throw on this dress. It is ideal for this weather because of the lightness in fabric and the open back. This allows the breeze to flow right through and trust me, it is refreshing! I kept away from the harsh rays by throwing on this floppy hat as well. 
It has come to my attention that I have failed as a blogger. I realized that Enclothed Cognition  is not one years old as of a couple of weeks ago! I thought the inception was in August which was I why I did not bother to prepare for it. However, I do want to say thank you to everyone who has been reading my blog. The success of it has blown me away! All of your sweet comments keep me wanting to update and improve. So, thank you once again for sticking with me. And do not fear, as I plan on doing a giveaway of some sort in celebration once I get situated! Stay tuned! 

Digging Trenches

Dresslink duster coat (here)
Romwe lace top (similar here)
American Apparel easy jean in creme (here)
Mossimo heels 

Hello! Back again with yet another collaboration with dresslink! As soon as I saw this gorgeous duster coat online, I knew I had to order it. I just love the warm, light green shade. This is the perfect outerwear piece for the summer and into fall. It is so light, yet provides a protective layer. The coat was relatively long on me (I’m used to it), so to counter this, I threw on some heels for that added height. 


Banana Republic bomber jacket
Forever 21 t-shirt
H&M necklace
Mossimo heels

I made a trip to the outlets last week and I managed to score this $100 Banana Republic jacket for only $16! Granted, I had my employee discount but even without it was relatively inexpensive. I wrote this jacket basically every night while I was on vacation at the beach. It is great because it is not too heavy, but provides just enough warmth. I think that this will make for the perfect transition piece as we go from summer to fall!

Autumn Lust List

Since I work in the retail industry, I always feel as if my seasons are shorter than they seem. At work, we already have our back-to-school clothing resurfacing and it makes me panic I bit because it seems like summer is coming to an end. However, fall fashion will forever be my favorite and I am eager to welcome knits and pants back into my life. I was window shopping on some of my favorite websites and found the things that my wardrobe needs for this upcoming season!
1. American Apparel skirt 2. Zara raincoat
3. Topshop trousers 4. Forever 21 statement necklace
1. Urban Outfitters suede dress 2. Runway Bandits skirt
3. Nun Bangkok slapper pants 4. Urban Outfitters platform angle boots 
Send me links to what you are lusting for this upcoming season! Happy shopping!

Sea Isle Pt. I

On Saturday, 7/11, my family and I headed down to Sea Isle, New Jersey for our annual trip to the beach, Here is part 1 of my travels at the beach. We are so blessed to have great weather all week. So far, we spent time with my relatives who came to visit and of course spent time at the beach. Last night, we went to the dock for a seafood dinner. I had seared wasabi tuna (my favorite) and it was so delicious. It was cooked rare and came with a succulent side of steamed veggies and rice. Needless to say I had a huge food coma afterwards but it was well worth it. Stay tuned for more pictures!

Bun Bun

Thrifted stripe shirt
Jewel Toned out all night skirt (here)
Forever 21 necklace, headband

This shirt was a bit of a challenge to style because of the awkward length it falls on me. I found it at the thrift store and knew I had to have it, regardless of the length. I decided to pair it with my royal blue shapewear skirt that slightly pops out from the bottom of the tunic to add some fun color.