Old Navy mock turtle neck, H&M trousers, Cole Haan loafers 

If I had to pick one of my more recent uniforms it would be something like this. The sweater/trouser combo never seems to fail. Plus, I got this turtle neck for less than 5 bucks at Old Navy! Crazy.

I hope you all had a happy holiday! I can’t believe it’s over.. Here’s a wonderful 2015!



 Stussy jacket, H&M skirt & choker, Bare Feet Shoes knee-high boots

I prefer to have my photos taken outside, but I still feel awkward about having people watch me, so I took advantage of the cold weather and the solitude at a park around my house where I wouldn’t be scrutinized. Of course I decided to shoot where there’s these weird industrial pipes…but whatever I guess it kinda looks cool?

The other day I shared my appreciation for fashionable sweatpants and now I would like to shout out to the current trend that is knee-high boots. I can wear cute skirts and not be as cold since they consume 3/4 of my leg! Crazy.

Silver Lining


 Old Navy moto jacket, Forever 21 crop sweater & pants & necklace, Cole Haan loafers

Hello! Currently taking a break to blog between studying. This weekend I have so much to do… 2.5 essays, 2 online tests, and studying for all my classes on top of that. It sucks, but I’m trying not to complain! I just need to stay focused and remember how good it will feel to complete everything. However, I do need to work on my concentration. Someone needs to put my phone away in a safe, because I keep getting distracted.. 

In a Daze

 Old Navy moto jacket, Kenneth Cole blouse, Forever 21 sweats, Vera Wang booties

Thank god “fashionable” sweatpants exist in this world because today is one of those rainy days where every fiber of my being just wants to curl up in my bed and have a solo movie marathon. But alas, I’ll instead be spending every spare moment I have for the next 2.5 weeks studying for final exams. Anyway, yeah…sweatpants. At least I’ll be comfortable while writing an essay in the library without looking like a hobo.
For my fellow college students: Good luck as exams are creeping up on us! 23 days until Christmas!