Prom Season

Two years ago around this time of year, my entire high school class was preparing for our senior prom. Looking back now, it’s hard to believe that was not too long ago (look how long my hair was)! I remember I didn’t even care if I went to prom or not because I wasn’t really spirited or into school functions at all..but I am grateful I went and the guy pictured above asked me to go (my current boyfriend). Years from now, it will be one of the things I remember most about high school. If you’re currently in high school, please go! You’ll only regret it later. Trust me, you will have fun even if you’re just going with some girlfriends!

I was fond of my prom dress, but if I could go back and change it, I probably would! I have decided to help those of you in high school out by sharing my favorite prom dresses from Sherry London!

1. Full Glamour. If I wanted to go all out for my prom, I would definitely go with this dress. You should pick a gown that is suitable to your body type and I tend to think that slim fitting dresses look best on me. I love how daring this is with the middle cut out and the large slit on the side. You will definitely make a lasting impression on your peers!
2. Sweet & Sophisticated. This prom dress is probably the opposite of the first one I chose. However, I do think that this one is more classy with the ivory color and less exposed skin, I love the detail in the back and I think that the mermaid silhouette is gives a very feminine vibe. 
3. Bright & Bold! Although you guys know I prefer neutrals, I thought this electric blue prom dress was gorgeous! Again, this one features really unique cut outs that are irresistible. Plus, the asymmetrical hemline allows you to show off your legs and shoes!
So, those are my choices for prom dresses if I were able to go back and choose a new one! Sherry London has so many dresses to chose from and just these long gowns that I have showed you! They have cocktail dresses, evening dresses, and bridesmaids dresses as well. One stop for all of your formal needs! What’s your favorite prom memory?


Pretty Flacko

Rock & Republic cardigan,
  H&M A$AP Rocky shirt,
  Zara mini skirt, 
Bare Feet Shoes knee-highs
Forever 21 crystal necklace
eBay necklace
Happy Sunday! I hope you all had an amazing weekend. Today’s look features my absolute favorite graphic t-shirt I have ever owned. I found this jewel in the men’s section of H&M about a year ago. (Men’s shirts are so comfy and large..) It features one of my favorite music artists, A$AP Rocky. Are you any of you guys into rap/hip hop? If so, you are your favorite artists? If not, what do you listen to? 🙂

Monthly Favorites: March

Hello! So, I decided to start instilling monthly favorites on my blog a.k.a. just a few things that I have been loving throughout the month. I know this post is a few days early, but I was too excited not to share. There aren’t any fashion favorites this time around because if you didn’t know, I am currently in college and I just haven’t had the money to spend on clothing lately. Regardless, I hope you find these things somewhat interesting!

1. “Bone in the Throat” by Anthony Bourdain. I am absolutely obsessed with this man. I think that he is brutally honest, sarcastic, and charming all at once. As a huge fan of food and travel documentaries, I would have to say that the content he creates will always be my favorite. Definitely check out No Reservations and Parts Unknown (both on Netflix). I was excited to hear that this novel he wrote is being turned into an independent film starring Ed Westwick. It just debuted at SXSW and I cannot wait to see the visual adaption! Warning: This novel focuses on mobs, so if you’re not into Godfather-esque stories, please refrain! 🙂

 2. Striped Cardio Shorts from Forever 21. Lately I have been on this exercising kick more than usual and these shorts have come in handy. It was my first time purchasing activewear from Forever 21, but for $13 I thought it was worth a shot. They could not fit more perfectly and I love how they are high-waisted because it reminds you to suck in your stomach more when during floor exercises, haha. I was also thinking of doing more fitness related posts..thoughts?

 3. Henry. Although my boyfriend gave Henry the elephant to me last month for Valentine’s Day, I thought I would include him in this month’s favorites. I just adore these gentle giants and they are my spirit animal. I mean, how could you not fall in love with this, this, or this?! But yeah, Henry is one of my favorites and I cuddle him every night.

4. Private Viewing by Wet N Wild. I have been wearing this color all month long. Lately, I have been gravitating towards neutral nail colors and this is the perfect mature pink. The best part is that it is relatively cheap and the formula is quite nice. The brush is also pretty large, which makes application super easy.

5. The Grand Budapest Hotel. I was so quick to post this month’s favorites because I just got done watching this movie last night and loved it so much. It’s a comedy/drama about the adventures of Gustave and Zero, a hotel concierge and lobby boy who work at the Grand Budapest Hotel in a fictional country. The visuals are so incredibly detailed and you can sense the love Wes Anderson put into it. It’s the story of friendship, love, and revenge with various ridiculous moments that will leave you laughing. 


F21 boyfriend blazer & pumps, H&M lace crop, Zara pencil skirt
Nothing says warm weather like navy and white stripes. This pattern always gives me those nautical vibes and puts me in that carefree summer mood. Plus, the origami-like hemline of this pencil skirt gives a unique twist to your standard pencil skirt. Since it is shorter in the front, it gives the illusion of having longer legs, which I could definitely use! Are you looking forward to summer?

Love at First Sight

Old Navy moto jacket, American Apparel dress, F21 necklace, Bare Feet Shoes knee-highs
I saw it and it seemed as if my heart skipped a beat. Could this be love? The power of the sight before me made me motionless and my breath became staggered… 90% off at American Apparel?! Girl. I have never been so happy before. This dress was an unbelievable $7.80. Nothing makes me more happy than a good sale LOL. Am I right or am I right, ladies? 

Just Do It

H&M blazer, JLO pencil skirt, Nike Dri-fit Sports Bra
Happy weekend! It’s crazy how my Spring Break held the biggest snow storm we’ve had this year. Yet, one week later the weather is beautiful and staying at a consistent high 50 degree weather. Oh the irony.
I have been hoarding more and more workout gear these days. However, I usually only wear it indoors because I workout from home. I decided to challenge myself to incorporate some in an everyday outfit and this is the result! I think that sports bra make a perfect little crop top. I just threw on a blazer (as you know I usually do) and tada!


Forever 21 boyfriend blazer, H&M dress & boots
I am so sick of winter already! It’s my spring break, yet there is still snow on the ground.. I am so ready for warm weather so I can ditch these tights. I used to loved winter fashion, but this year I am just done with layer-on-layer. By the way, can you believe I am wearing something so printed? Such a rarity! Usually I just wear solids, but this dress caught my eye in the store and it is so comfortable!