Somber Day

H&M blazer & dress, Forever 21 necklace, Mossimo heels

First of all, I apologize for my messy room. Right now, I have clutter scattered on every surface and I didn’t even think to tidy up before taking pictures.. This morning I attended a funeral for my neighbor. It has been a sad day. She was the sweetest woman who finally ended her battle with cancer. I was and will continue to be inspired by her generosity. Just a couple of months ago she made the whole neighborhood pumpkin pies. She was always so giving. R.I.P.

Events like funerals really make me reflect on life though. I am feeling so grateful that all my loved ones are in good health. I can’t imagine what my neighbors are going through. Never take anyone for granted! Always appreciate the people in your lives 🙂


Black Roses

 Forever 21 baseball shirt & necklace, H&M leather skirt, Mossimo heels

As a college student, this summer I am short on money, so I have been doing my best to sustain my finances and not blow it on an abundance of clothes as I usually do. Let me tell you though, this is one of the most difficult resolutions for me..Yesterday, I went to this huge mall near my area and I had to use all of self-control to not buy everything in site. You will be proud of me as I didn’t make a clothing purchase at all! I only bought these cute measuring cups (random, right?).

I love this floral baseball shirt. My only complaint is that it’s a bit itchy, but not to the point where it’s an extreme bother. I’ve never seen anything like it. As this was my first time wearing it, I’m a bit curious to see how it will hold up with a few washes. I know Forever 21 is cheap as hell, thus their clothing is sub-par quality, but this goes back to conserving my finances. I can’t be splurging on the brands I love like Zara, Alexander Wang, etc. although I want to so badly!

How was your weekend? 🙂

Let’s Go For a Jog

 Forever 21 crop top, Forever 21 shorts, Nike roshe runs

I have never played a sport in my life (aside from 9 years of dance), in fact I hate them. I only enjoy physical activity if I’m working out by myself, but other than that I would never consider myself an athletic person. Yet, the irony is the fact that I am obsessed with the sport luxe trend that has been happening recently. I am addicted to it, because what’s not to love? Everything pertaining to this trend is comfortable! These shorts are amazing and I wear my roshes nonstop. 
If fashion was a sport though…haha

A Day in the Life

Good morning. I started my day early by waking up at 7 AM to prep for my morning commute into the city. Gratefully, I made it to the local train station in time to catch the 8:47 AM. The ride is about 50 minutes long, an ample time to listen to music, read a book (photo #1), doze off, and generally just zone the world out. But I don’t get too comfortable because as soon as I arrive, I step out into the hustle and bustle of the everyday urban life.

I had some time to kill this morning, so I headed to Reading Terminal Market, an indoor market where there are hundreds of food stalls with unique, gourmet food (#2,3,4). You name it, they have it. Considering it was only 9:30 AM, I had to try and avoid the temptation of ordering something savory, like a large piece of garlic sausage. Self-control 101, folks. I opted for a doughnut instead. Why can’t I be healthy?

Warm food now in hand, I headed back out onto the city street and walked a few blocks to my destination. My walk is fairly peaceful as I pass through Philly’s historical district and there are always happy kids on field trips and whatnot (#5, #6). Finally, I reached the edge of Philly and got to enjoy my blueberry fritter doughnut at Penn’s Landing. It was lovely eating a hunk of sugar while gazing at the Delaware river. Oh, and of course I stopped at Starbucks along the way to get my fix for the day.

What a relaxing morning. After breakfast, I headed to the co-op designer boutique where I work (#7). Today was pretty low-key. I just did some online research and helped a designer fringe her scarves. Aftr a few hours, I reversed and headed back to the train for my commute home.

How was your day? x


 L.A. Hearts shirt, H&M trousers, H&M belt, Mossimo heels

I wore this outfit to my internship a week ago. Trouser pants are honestly the most comfortable things in the world. I cuffed them to make them more relaxed and casual, but they still remain a bit formal, especially paired with those heels. My internship is in the city so I have to walk a few blocks and let me tell you… girl, it was not a good idea wearing those shoes. They’re so freaking cute but uncomfortable as heck. I guess that’s what I get for cheaping out and not splurging on the Zara ones..

Review: Lokai Bracelet

Once while aimlessly scrolling through the internet as I usually find myself doing, I came across this bracelet. Although at a quick glance, it looks minimal, the meaning behind it goes way beyond. I was drawn to it as soon as I started reading about it. The Lokai bracelet contains mud from the Red Sea in the black bead and water from Mt. Everest in the white bead or elements from the highest and lowest points on Earth (Authentic as there are pictures of customers who have cut open the bracelet).

The meaning behind this, is to remind the wearer to stay humble. Sometimes you are on top of the world and sometimes you reach a low point. No matter the case, you should be true to yourself. Plus, 10% of the profits are given to a charity.

The Lokai bracelet is really great quality. The only thing that I have to say, is that I expected the material of the beads to be a hard plastic, but to my surprise they have a silicone feel to them. Just FYI. This bracelet has become a part of my everyday wear and I have to say, it’s perfect because it goes with my monochrome looks I always tend to gravitate towards (haha).


Cut It Out

 Marshall’s crop top, PINK pencil skirt, Goodwill flannel, H&M heels

Urban Outfitters polish, Forever 21/H&M rings

If you know me, you know that I frequently dress in all black. So, here’s a typical outfit that I would wear on the norm. Although, I took the liberty of adding some color with my favorite, trusty flannel that I found at Goodwill. I love how I found it already worn-in and washed because that makes for such comfortable fabric that also looks casual.