F21 boyfriend blazer & pumps, H&M lace crop, Zara pencil skirt
Nothing says warm weather like navy and white stripes. This pattern always gives me those nautical vibes and puts me in that carefree summer mood. Plus, the origami-like hemline of this pencil skirt gives a unique twist to your standard pencil skirt. Since it is shorter in the front, it gives the illusion of having longer legs, which I could definitely use! Are you looking forward to summer?

28 thoughts on “Nautical

  1. I love that you were able to pull off this look on a modest budget. Just fantastic. I am so ready for the SS2015 season. In two weeks we're going to prep our boat for the sail club and get it on the water. I love love love the navy & white horizontal lines that scream nautical. This pencil skirt is so nice but screams 1950's to me when woman started to wear pinstripe suits. Either way, you look adorable.


  2. Yes, I'm definitely looking forward to the summer! 🙂 I like how you pointed out how the shorter front of the skirt gives off the illusion of longer legs – never thought of that. You look great in this outfit!


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