Blue Bell

Tobi front and center bell sleeve romper (here)
Hello, lovelies! Happy hump day. I hope this week has treated you well thus far. If not, before you know it, the weekend will be here once again. Today’s post features another fabulous piece from Tobi. I had yet to add a cute romper to my wardrobe and when I saw this one, I knew it was the one. I love how simple, yet still chic it is. The bell sleeves and center buttons definitely add to its’ apparent charm. Also, since it’s a bit loose, it is incredibly comfortable to wear. Although I didn’t wear it in these photos, I think a lacy bralette would look so cute peeking out from underneath this romper!
As I mentioned in my previous post, Tobi offers 50% your first purchase! If that doesn’t make you happy, I don’t know what will. Also, be sure to check out some of the other items they offer:
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All Tied Up

Tobi All Tied Up Shift Dress (here)
Hello, lovelies! Lately, I have been seeing a lot of neck accessories like scarves. chokers, etc. I got this beautiful, light pink shift dress in from Tobi that has a built in necktie! How convenient, right? This is my envision of the perfect spring outfit. I love how light and breathable the fabric is, which will make it wearable even into the heat of summer. Also, the dress itself is made very well and has a built in slip so nothing shows. I can see myself wearing this on a casual lunch date. 
If you have never shopped from Tobi before, you get 50% off your first order! Be sure to check out some of their other cute clothes:
DressesCrop TopsRompers, JumpsuitsSkirtsCardigansBodysuits

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Forever 21 cocoon jacket (here)
Forever 21 dress (similar here)
Hello, lovelies! I can’t get enough of this cocoon jacket. Today, I decided to pair it with all neutrals. I have been loving green and camel combinations as of lately. All about earthy vibes! To jazz it up, I added this printed scarf around my neck. 
I am heading home to my parent’s house tomorrow for Easter weekend. Do you guys have any plans? x

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Review: Snupped Phone Cases

Hello, lovelies! As a blogger and as someone simply just living in 2016, my cell phone tends to be glued to my side. I am sure this is something you all can relate to! So, why not treat the cell phone as a fashion accessory and invest in a cute case for it. Snupped reached out to me to review some of their phone cases (I have the Galaxy S5) and I am here to give my honest review.

I was so excited because Snupped offers a variety of designs that were unique and fashionable. I ended up choosing this one and this one. First off, I placed the order for the cases January 8th and just received the other case this week. I am not sure if they give priority to their actual customers and bloggers second, but in any case, it took way longer than expected. Secondly, I received the gold line case on February 16th and have had it on my phone since then. The white parts of the case are now discolored, the corner/side of my case broke off (granted, I dropped it on my floor, but it wasn’t that hard), and part of it is chipping.

That being said, I like the phone cases a lot, but I don’t think it’s worth the $34-$39 investment. If you are interested, I would go for a darker colored case so its’ appearance will last longer. However, I did hear that Snupped offers great laptop sleeves in other really awesome designs that will surely last you a long time. You also have the option of customizing all the products with your own design, which is pretty neat. But in the end, I am afraid to say I do not recommend their phone cases for someone who needs something durable.

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Keepin’ it Casual

H&M plaid shirt, came, & skirt (similar here, here, here)
Forever 21 necklace (similar here)

Hello, lovelies! Today’s outfit post is a casual outfit that I have been loving. This midi-skirt I scored on clearance from H&M a couple months ago is so perfect. It actually hits me at a decent length where I don’t look like I am drowning in billows of fabric. I love how loose and comfortable it is. I just paired it with my favorite flannel to keep it casual and ideal for an everyday outfit! I hope you guys have a lovely weekend! 🙂

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What My Boyfriend Wore

Supreme hat
Stone Island knit (similar here)
New Balance M998 (here)
Nudie selvage denim (similar here)

Say hello to a new face on Enclothed Cognition! This is Surim, my boyfriend, and his official debut on my blog. I convinced him to let me shoot his outfit to share with you guys. Back in high school I barely knew him, but always thought he had a great sense of style. To this day, I think his dress game is on point and he has taught me quite a deal about fashion from a guy’s perspective. I don’t know about you, but I think it’s a major plus when guys dress well. Let’s hope he will let me feature him more often in the future!
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Thoughts on Originality

A couple of months back, I stumbled upon a quote online that read, “A wise meme once said: Be a Grace Kelly in a world of Kardashians”. Ever since then, this single line has resurfaced my consciousness time and time again, being especially apparent every time I publish a new blog post or post an instagram photo. A disclaimer: this is not my slander on trends or any single person who follows them. In fact, I find myself succumbing to this many times. This is merely my thoughts on a broad topic and I felt that my readers would find it interesting.

As a millennial who has grown up with no pervasive technology to a young adult being constantly surrounded by it, I cannot help but notice the changes in the way my peers and I go about our daily lives. Obviously I have a keen interest in fashion, so I noticed how these changes affected this facet. The rise of social media platforms has essentially turned everyone’s life into an advertisement. We share with the public what we ate, where we go, and what we wear. 
A specific example of technology having an impact on originality:
I hate to bring up specific names but Kylie Jenner is one of the biggest faces on the instagram platform and even as a 18 year old, has so much online influence. I know for a fact everyone of you has found yourself on her profile for several minutes scrolling through her posts (haha). There has been a wave of “Kylie” style in the fashion industry in the form of body con dresses and tight pants with accessories of plump lips and smokey eyes. When I look on instagram, I feel so many of these fashion accounts are mirrors of each other and it makes me evaluate my own online content. Ultimately, I am faced with the question: Am I losing my originality?

I had a fashion blog back in middle school when instagram and other social media platforms didn’t even exist, or at least not at the level they are now. I remember loving fashion and having so much fun putting outfits together. However, now when I blog, I often question if there is such a thing as too much inspiration? Are we as a collective group falling victim to dwindling our personal sense of style to copycatting? If yes, is this even a bad thing?
Again, I am not at all saying those who follow trends are unoriginal and should be looked down upon. To each his own. This topic has just been on my mind lately and I wanted to hear my readers thoughts on the subject. 🙂 Do you think technology has been having a negative impact on fashion and being an individual? If yes, do see it as positive or negative?

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