Review: Snupped Phone Cases

Hello, lovelies! As a blogger and as someone simply just living in 2016, my cell phone tends to be glued to my side. I am sure this is something you all can relate to! So, why not treat the cell phone as a fashion accessory and invest in a cute case for it. Snupped reached out to me to review some of their phone cases (I have the Galaxy S5) and I am here to give my honest review.

I was so excited because Snupped offers a variety of designs that were unique and fashionable. I ended up choosing this one and this one. First off, I placed the order for the cases January 8th and just received the other case this week. I am not sure if they give priority to their actual customers and bloggers second, but in any case, it took way longer than expected. Secondly, I received the gold line case on February 16th and have had it on my phone since then. The white parts of the case are now discolored, the corner/side of my case broke off (granted, I dropped it on my floor, but it wasn’t that hard), and part of it is chipping.

That being said, I like the phone cases a lot, but I don’t think it’s worth the $34-$39 investment. If you are interested, I would go for a darker colored case so its’ appearance will last longer. However, I did hear that Snupped offers great laptop sleeves in other really awesome designs that will surely last you a long time. You also have the option of customizing all the products with your own design, which is pretty neat. But in the end, I am afraid to say I do not recommend their phone cases for someone who needs something durable.

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19 thoughts on “Review: Snupped Phone Cases

  1. I really love the design of the first one. It’s a shame the quality isn’t that great so it’s lucky you didn’t pay for them haha & sometimes I find that too when collaborating that items arrive waaaaaay later than the stipulated shipping time on the site.



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