Fashion Wishlist: $15 and under!

I love a good buy. I’ve mentioned time and time again that it is hard to find the finances for clothes all of the time as a student in college. I am not ashamed that I love discount shopping, especially for trendy pieces. I recently discovered #Bang Good#, a marketplace with a variety of products, women’s fashion included. I managed to find some pieces I am really digging and the best part is that they are all under $15!

Slim turtleneck – $4.99

The first is this turtleneck and obviously what drew me towards it was the sheer sleeves! I saw a similar item on a different website but was not too sure about it because it was translucent all over. However, this one is just on the sleeves and I think that this makes it much more wearable and classy. Plus, it is a turtleneck and I love turtlenecks!!

Lace Blouse – $11.99

Similar to the first one, this top is a mock neck with beautiful lace paneling! I immediately thought that this could be a good holiday party top. It would look so good with black pants or even a red pencil skirt. It is also a bit sheer at the top, but again in a classy, elegant way. It could really dress up an outfit.

Bodycon dress – $14.99

This probably fits in with the “Kylie fashion” trend going on, Not too much of a fan, but not going to lie that I dig the style of this dress. I love body hugging pieces and I think this is so cute for going out! The cinched side is a great detail and really accentuates your curves (ideal for me because I don’t have any, haha), And for $15? Can’t beat it.

Tartan Shawl – $4.88

During the fall/winter, if you see me outdoors, I am most likely wearing a scarf. I usually cannot leave the house without one because I get so cold easily and it makes a huge difference. I love this tartan print one because of how big it is. It seriously is so versatile and I can picture myself wearing it like a poncho/shawl over top of a plain long sleeve because that trend is huge right now.

What’s your favorite piece?

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