Skin Care: Mario Badescu Multimasker & DHC Cleansing Oil

Hello, beauties! As you know by now, my repertoire is mainly fashion, however today I wanted to try something different. Recently, in the mail I got some skincare goodies and thought I would try my hand at a proper beauty review for you all. I took advantage of Urban Outfitter’s Cyber Monday sale and picked up the Mario Badescu Multimasker. I have always wanted to try out this brand because I hear youtuber’s rave about it (specifically Weylie, hey girl). Basically, it is an assorted pack of 3 different face masks. The idea is that when treating your skin, there are different problematic sections and they should be treated as so. Instead of placing one kind of product all over, this set allows you to really customize the treatment to maximize the benefits. They recommend you should use each 2-3 times a week for optimal results.

My favorite of the 3 has to be the Enzyme Revitalizing Mask whose purpose is to draw impurities from the skin to leave it nourished, refreshed, and renewed. First off, this one smells amazing thanks to the papaya and grapefruit extracts in it. I could smell it when it was on my skin and mmm it was actually kind of distracting it smelled that good! My skin is not that sensitive but I heard that this a HG product for those who do experience that. It is very gentle on the skin and gives a nice healthy glow when removed. The best part is that my skin is so soft and this lasts for a good day.

Second, the Flower and Tonic Mask unclogs pores and removes excess oils. This one is rich in antioxidant ferulic acid that helps brighten, hydrate, and support collagen content. The first thing I noticed about this mask is the formula is quite liquidy. In fact, I didn’t expect it when I first opened it and had a minor spill — oops. Although, it does not smell quite as nice as the aforementioned it does have a nice, clean scent to it. It cleanses and purifies my face really well. In fact, I had the remenants of a pimple from earlier that week and it helped heal the area and reduce the noticability of that spot. 

Lastly, the Drying Mask is the one deeper in color. It is a colloidal sulfur based mask that aims to dry pimples aand oil while also clarifying problematic, acne-prone skin. I read in a review that this mask is also great for acne in other places like the back. However, I have not really given this mask a proper try so I won’t dwell on it too much. Luckily, my skin type is mostly dry and I do not experience much break outs except for the occasional pimple every now and then, If you are interested, let me know and I can do a follow up review in a month or so!

In addition to the Mario Badescu products, I also picked up the DHC Deep Cleansing Oil (no longer on Urban Outfitters). It is a makeup remover that dissolves all traces of dirt and cosmetics (even waterproof) while also nourishing your complexion. The main ingredient is olive oil and it pretty much has that texture. You use dry hands to massage onto your face and then add some water. As I mentioned earlier, my skin is relatively dry so I thought this would be a good product to try out. So far, I am loving it. It removes makeup fairly well and moisturizes my skin! I am not going to substitute it for my makeup remover completely, but maybe use it every couple of days or so to give my skin a treat.

That concludes my mini skincare review for you all! I hope you enjoyed it and felt it somewhat useful. It is quite rare that I treat myself to some decent skincare, but that cyber monday sale was too good to pass up, yo! If you try out any of these products, let me know what you think of them! And if you have any recommendations for me, let me know that too!

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