February Favorites

Hey, lovelies! (Insert typical, cliche remark about how fast the month has gone). Although, I am uploading this a tad early because I will be away for the weekend. I have not done a favorites post in quite some time now! To be honest, I always remember too late and the we’re already well into the next month. I will try and do my best to try and include these when I can! I always enjoy other blogger’s favorites posts because it is a neat way to learn about some new things.

1. The Details: Iconic Men’s Accessories by Josh Sims.
I have always had a deep interest in men’s fashion. Truthfully, more than once have I thought about how great it would be if I were a guy instead, haha! I decided to take this interest of mine and do something about it. I ordered this book and could not put it down as soon as it came in. Not only is it a great coffee table book, but it really gives you a quick education on men’s accessories. Josh Sims does a great job of sharing the history of each piece and how it has evolved and ultimately influenced men’s fashion. He discusses everything from the loafer, to the bowler hat, to the pocket square, and even to the fountain pen. This is the perfect beginner’s guide to a gentlemen’s wardrobe.

2. Silver pendant necklace.

My boyfriend and I usually do not exchange big gifts for Valentine’s Day, but this year he surprised me with this beautiful necklace. I was really shocked when I opened it up because I definitely was not expecting it. I do not own a lot of dainty, silver necklaces so this was the perfect addition to my jewelry collection. And it is perfect for everyday wear.

3. The Life of Pablo – Kanye West

Love him or hate him, there is no denying Kanye’s huge presence in today’s entertainment world. Personally, I think he is the biggest asshole, but I still love him and admire him. Yes, he does some things unconventionally and comes off quite egotistical. But he is still a topic of conversation all the time. Most importantly, I think his music really is talented. It is interesting to watch him progress as an artist from College Dropout to MBDTF to The Life of Pablo. Plus, I had a lot of fun making my own TLOP album cover, LOL.

4. Staple T-Shirt

I promise I will stop showing this t-shirt so much once this month is over. I styled in this post and featured it here. I just love the simple graphic and how oversized it is on me. I seriously wore it all the time this month because it is just so easy to chuck on. 

What have you been loving this month?!

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20 thoughts on “February Favorites

  1. Loving this month's favourites, Keri! I've definitely been seeing a lot more of androgyny incorporated into your looks recently and I think you rock men's wear like no other female I know. That necklace is such a lovely gift, and gah, Kanye. Who can resist that ass? Haha. I hope you enjoy your weekend away! x



  2. Always love favorites posts – not only does it introduce me to new things, but lets me learn a bit more about the blogger behind the post as well! Not really a big fan of Kanye actually at all but he definitely is an interesting person, that is for sure! Really beautiful pendant as well, what a sweet gift for your boyfriend to give you!

    Rae | Love from Berlin


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