Against the Grain

Metaphor blouse (here)
Zara mini skirt (similar here)
Bare Feet Shoes OTK boots (similar here)

Hey, lovelies! I really wanted to get in a Valentine’s Day related post before Sunday, but my personal life has been a whirlwind lately and I had to push it aside. I do apologize! I am not one for gift-guides, simply because I am awful at present shopping to begin with. Instead, I have another outfit post, so I hope you do not mind!

Although not what one would consider the “traditional” Valentine’s date night outfit, I still think something like this is appropriate. Perhaps what is most unusual is the lack of pink and red hue from this outfit. However, I can think of only 2 things in my wardrobe that meet that standard. There is nothing wrong with going against the grain! This mustard colored tunic has recently found a way into my collection and I thought it was perfect. Paired with OTK boots, it can really be quite sexy while still maintaining a sense of class.

Speaking of Valentine’s Day, do you guys have any special plans? I can hardly contain my excitement because I get to see da boy and it’s been more than a month — yay! If you are single, not to worry. Grab some of your friends and throw your own Galentine’s Day. It still gives you an excuse to go out and dress cute. Taken or single I wish you a lovely V-Day, lovelies!

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30 thoughts on “Against the Grain

  1. Nothing wrong with sticking to what is more true to you – and honestly you have such an awesome sense of style that I could never get bored of your outfit posts! I have no plans for Vday this year, but don't really mind at all. 🙂 Have fun with your boy, so glad you get to see him after all this time!

    Rae | Love from Berlin


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