GAP oxford shirt, Banana Republic trousers, Cole Haan loafers, Braetan coat

I took pictures today in my messy room, so I apologize. I was recently introduced to a website, Invaluable, the world’s largest online auction marketplace. They have everything from gorgeous watches like the one that I found to art and antiques. You could definitely score some designer, luxury items for an incredible bargain. I chose this particular watch (Men’s Vintage Rolex Oysterdate Precision) because I was drawn to the black face (Y’know my love for black) and how it looks so strikingly beautiful with the gold numbers. Although this may be a men’s watch, I think that anyone could pull it off. I feel so professional when wearing a watch so the outfit I chose is business casual. I think that accessory goes perfect with the tailored trousers and leather loafers. Am I going to campus or another day in the office? Haha



9 thoughts on “Cloudy

  1. Hi! I'm glad I stumbled upon your blog because it sounds like we're around the same age and bloggers. Finding bloggers around the same age as me is always really fun! You're in college too? Anyway, I hope that we can keep in touch:)
    Love this simple outfit! You're brave to wear that coat… I'd be scared it would eat me up. But on you, it looks great.
    Olivia | Her Name Was Celebration


  2. agree with the comment above about your clean style 🙂 just read your intro and saw what you're studying and hoping to pursue – that's really cool. i also studied international business and work in fashion (retail merchandising) now. hope you find something you love doing when you finish!

    le jolie


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