21st Birthday & Reflections

So, I have been naughty. I have not gone so long without posting at least once a week for the longest time and am deeply disappointed in myself. However, let me give you a recap of the past couple of days so you get a handle on why (still won’t be an excuse, but anyways).

This past week has been my last week of classes for the semester, so with that comes a lot of end-of-the-year due dates and whatnot. I have 3 final exams ahead of me, but that doesn’t start until Thursday. Most significantly, Saturday I turned 21!! Watch out. I am officially legal! To be honest, it does not seem real. I still feel like a 12 year old, but here I am. I survived for 21 years on this planet.

To be honest, I hate my birthday because I despise being the center of attention and celebrating me for an entire day seems excessive. However, as 21 is a monumental event, I gave in to throwing a small celebration (with lots of convincing and encouragement from my roomie). On Saturday, a hodgepodge of some of my closest friends came out to celebrate with me. We started off the night with some drinks at my apartment and then headed out to Olde City district in Philadelphia and hit up Cuba Libre. Although I didn’t have a chance to eat there, I can attest for their drinks and they are indeed very good. The atmosphere was amazingย and they played bomb ass Spanish/club music. We went to National Mechanics after, which was popping.

And here I am now. Reflecting on the night via this blog post. I ended up eating greasy, glorious Chinese food at like 4 AM and I honestly think it was how I survived basically hangover free (which almost never happens). I am incredibly glad I took the time to celebrate my birthday and am so grateful for all of my friends.

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35 thoughts on “21st Birthday & Reflections

  1. 21st should definitely be celebrated, my twin and I went all out in september for ours as we don't usually do anything and it was great! Yours sounds like a pretty darn good night and I definitely would have finished it with greasy food too, it's always the best! Happy late 21st! and thank you for the comment on my blog post ๐Ÿ™‚


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