Review: Rocksbox

To be honest, jewelry was never something I invested a lot of money in. Normally, I would find myself getting costume jewelry from places like Forever 21 because it was so affordable. When it broke or turned on me a few weeks/months later, I was not mad because I expected it to happen. Needless to say, when Rocksbox reached out to me I was thrilled. Designer jewelry I could wear?! This was absurd.

If you have never heard of Rocksbox before, it is a jewelry subscription company. For a mere $19 a month, you take a personal style quiz and a representative will send you a collection of jewelry based on your preference. My box included pieces from House of Harlow ($78), Slate ($65) and Soko ($54). You can wear them for as long as your like and when you want a change, all you have to do is send the pieces back (for free) and a new Rocksbox with different jewelry will replace it! If you’re feeling a certain piece, you can keep it and they will charge you accordingly.
Honestly, I feel like I have come along way from cheap jewelry. I no longer have to worry about breakage or my skin turning green! Rocksbox is a great, versatile way to add something different to your wardrobe. The best part, you can use my code mskerihxoxo to get your first month FREE. Yay free things!!

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41 thoughts on “Review: Rocksbox

  1. They were selected for me, but I got one of the pieces that I “liked” on their page! Their stylists are very good at matching the jewelry to your taste 🙂


  2. Rocksbox is something I've been wanting to subscribe to for a LOOOONGGGGG time, but they don't ship it to where I live unfortunately! Like you, I used to pay no attention to accessories, but I've come a long way from then. I'm loving the pieces you've got here, Keri; so sassy and chic at the same time!



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