Let’s Get Nakd: A Cereal Bar Review

Greetings! When I have my early morning classes, I like to cherish my sleep for as long as possible (who wouldn’t?). One way I can do that is taking breakfast on the go. Natural Balance Foods was sweet enough to send me this lovely variety pack of healthy cereal bars. I would not testify a product if I truly didn’t enjoy it!

 These Nakd bars were delicious and very different from the usual granola bars. What I like is that the package clearly labels the ingredients, which are always very few, so you know exactly what you’re consuming. Although, my only gripe is that since the ingredients were minimal, sometimes the flavor was hard to determine. They are also are a very soft texture so it’s easy to eat.

Nowadays, convenience and food often lead to unhealthy meals. These certainly defy that and are a great, quick breakfast or afternoon snack. Plus, as they are so healthy, they re guilt free! Natural Balance Foods is predominantly based in the UK, but are gradually trying to break into the US market. Get them here and you get free delivery until April 30th, 2016! My favorite flavors were definitely Banana Crunch and Caffe Mocha!
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