Winter Whites

Forever 21 shirt (here)
Zara jeans (similar here)
Asics Colorado 85 Mt. Samsara 

There is nothing quite as crisp as an all white outfit. Personally, I think white is a color appropriate during any time of the year. As I recently acquired my first pair of white denim, I went and wore it with this equally as bright, crocodile-textured sweatshirt. I have been all about comfort as of lately and of course went for my favorite Asics. I used to wear heeled boots as my everyday shoe, but these have definitely taken over and nothing else seems as appealing. Now, I have a massive desire to enlarge my sneaker collection, but my wallet is telling me otherwise. Oh well. Something to save up for, right?

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39 thoughts on “Winter Whites

  1. This is a great look. I love the simplicity of the white or white as it's not simple at all. It's crisp and has great texture. The sweatshirt is great with the fun embossed printed. I think I have to purchase it also. Only problem, I'm 5'10 which is dramatically taller than you. It may just look like a crop top on me. I'll have to get creative. Thanks for inspiring me and for looking adorable.


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