Home is Where Your Dog Is

Old Navy moto jacket
Boohoo crop top (here)
Zara skirt (here)
Deal Sale clutch (Item SV020902)
H&M booties

I came home from school for the weekend to visit the family and to work a few shifts at my job at home. Nothing ever beats coming home to your dog greeting you, especially if it has been a month since you have seen them. My dog, Kono, went ballistic and it made my heart melt! He is such a cutie. 
It was a bit warm today, so I decided to take advantage and wear a skirt because it’s probably going to be one of the last chances I get! I am still so obsessed with this mustard yellow pencil skirt from Zara. Today, I decided to pair it with a forest green crop top to provide that full autumn effect. I match with the leaves, hehe!

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46 thoughts on “Home is Where Your Dog Is

  1. Animals are the best at showing love and how much they appreciate you, that's adorable that your dog was so happy to see you, as I'm sure you were as happy to see him, too!

    As for your outfit, I love it! I adore that skirt, everything about it is perfect for fall! You look fabulous, girlie!

    I hope you're having a wonderful day so far!




  2. Yeah, Old Navy is where I actually work at. To be honest, I don't buy much there except for when I find good buys on clearance. I snagged this when it was like $10!


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