Off the Grid

Banana Republic shirt (similar here)
Old Navy pants
Soda boots

Greetings! I have a confession…sometimes I still shop in the children’s department. Okay, I have the body of a prepubescent boy and instead of wallowing in my lack of curves, I embrace it. The girl’s section is undeniably cheaper than women’s and sometimes you find amazing deals like these joggers! If you’re short and petite like me, I challenge you to take a look next time you are shopping. I won’t judge!
I am getting so excited for next weekend because I will be in New York City from Friday – Monday (Please leave food recommendations below!) and it is really the only thing keeping me going right now. Although I am going for business, I get to visit my childhood friends, eat good food, and do some shopping! In between I will be attending college fashion week and bridal fashion week. Cannot wait to share my trip with you all! Follow me on instagram for more updates 😉

47 thoughts on “Off the Grid

  1. Body of a prepubescent boy? You've got to be kidding, Keri; you've got such a toned and leaned body, I'm envious! Whatever the case, shopping at the children's section sounds so fun! I'm not petite so I don't get to do that often, but there are some wonderful clothes in that department! Loving the grid top!

    And ooh, have fun in NYC, Keri!

    May | THE MAYDEN


  2. Have an amazing time in New York City – it is one of the best cities on earth in my opinion! Also, I am totally for shopping in the kiddie section if you can do so. I have a similar body shape so I definitely take advantage of it as well – especially since kids' clothes tend to be cheaper. Really in love with that top and love how you paired it as well. I am not exactly sure what name to give to this kind of print as it's not exactly plaid but I have been hunting for a shirt like this one for a while now.

    The Chillage ceratinly does sound like a lovely place and I hope that visiting it and being able to wind down there and unload your stress has been helping you deal with all the school stress! I think a lot of places are now doing combined shopping and eating and I actually find it to be a pretty cool way to combine two activities a lot of people like to do in a social setting.

    Rae | Love from Berlin


  3. Aw, thanks so much and I am glad you shop in the kid's section too! Kid at heart and in clothing, haha!

    I am so excited to go to nyc. I have not been there so long! Hopefully it will be a nice break from school work. Thanks so much for reading, love!


  4. I am amazed by how chic and sophisticated you manage to look! We all can only learn from that. 🙂
    And about the kid's section – no shame in that, I must admit – they have pretty amazing clothes sometimes!:)


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