How To: Style Your BF’s White T-Shirt

Hi guys! For those of you who didn’t know, my boyfriend and I are in a long distance relationship during the school year. We’re about a 7 hour bus ride apart and this past weekend I went to visit him. I had a  lot of fun, but clumsy ol’ me managed to stain every shirt I brought with me. So my boyfriend let me steal one of his plain, white v-neck tees. Boyfriend silhouettes are so in right now, so I thought I would try my hand at styling this big t-shirt three different ways!

1. Business casual. I wore this outfit to a afternoon business meeting at school. What better to compliment your boyfriends’ tee, than a boyfriend blazer? Since both are long and relatively baggy, I thought they would work perfectly together. I made sure the look wasn’t totally loose by wearing my favorite pair of Rag & Bone skinnies. Lastly, I added a chunky, statement necklace to give some character to an otherwise blank canvas.

2. Sporty chic. This outfit is great for everyday use. It’s getting chilly out, so the main focus is my Stussy jacket. I tend to always bring an outerwear piece with my to school because the classrooms are freezing. Keeping to a black and white theme, I tied the end of the bf tee and paired it with a black pencil skirt. I call this sporty chic because I wore my Nike roshes with the outfit to give it that urban vibe.

3. Girls’ Night Out. Boyfriend t-shirt for a gno? Why not?! Wearing a baggy shirt to go to a party or to go clubbing might but absurd to some, but I believe it is all about balance. It is important to not make the outfit look too sloppy, so you need to combat that. Black is the quintessential color for instantly looking put together, which is why these printed legging are the perfect bottom. Don’t forget to top it off with you favorite pair of heels!

So publicly apologizing to my boyfriend but I am commandeering this shirt and never giving it back! It’s just a great basic to have and really versatile. However, despite all these looks, my favorite place to wear this shirt is to sleep, hehe. What’s your favorite way to wear a white t-shirt??


50 thoughts on “How To: Style Your BF’s White T-Shirt

  1. Haha, aww, I've seen the both of y'all on social media, and it's super adorable, haha. I think these are such great idea! My favourite would have to be the third one; super cool, super chic! I think it's time for me to steal my boyfriend's white tee…

    May | THE MAYDEN


  2. Great tutorials. My boyfriends clothes are way too big for me. I used to wear them was pjs but I don’t think I could look this good going out in them haha I love the way you styled it in every outfit, especially the last one! So nice of him to give you a top. So cute ^_^ haha



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