Review: Polette Luxia (+ OOTD)

Polette eyeglasses (here)
Forever 21 sweater, necklace
Bullhead skinny jeans
Mossimo heels

A couple of weeks ago I received my new eyeglasses from Polette and I am finally here to tell you how I feel about them. I wanted to wait a while so I could really get a true feel for them. If you follow me on instagram, you probably already saw when I debuted them in my selfie! I definitely had an affinity towards contacts my whole life because I was never in love with the eyeglasses that I owned. I felt they looked weird and didn’t match my sense of style. However, my inclination towards eye wear completely changed once I got these! I just love how they are grey wood frames, something I think is pretty unique. I have been wearing them all the time now! With this outfit, among many others, I feel like they give a completely new vibe to it. Just wearing them  makes the outfits look more smart and put together. As far as quality, the frames are sturdy, comfortable, and you most definitely get your moneys worth. No doubt these will be my new favorite accessory for a long time!

33 thoughts on “Review: Polette Luxia (+ OOTD)

  1. Aww even though you didn't like glasses before this pair definitely look amazing on you! I also really like your necklace super cute! Definitely going to have to keep up with you and see what else you pair your glasses with 🙂


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