Plants Are Friends

CN Direct half trench coat & graphic tee (here and here)
Zara pencil skirt
Forever 21 sandals (here)
As you can see from my apartment tour, I love a good plant. I feel like some greenery, fake or real, can really liven up a space and make something feel more cozy. So, it is really no wonder why I fell in love with this graphic t-shirt from CN Direct. Plants are my friends (haha). I love graphic tees because there are seriously endless ways to style them. For this outfit, I layered a pink, light jacket on top to add some serious color (?!) into this outfit. I know it is really strange seeing me in such a happy color — it is weird to me too! However, it is nice to switch some things up for a change and I almost regret not wearing more color this season! I would promise myself to try and wear more, but autumn approaches and dark colors are a must.Β 
Head over to CN Direct for all your fashion needs. You can grab these things and much more! Just be cautious as the shipping is approximately three weeks if you live in the U.S., so take the timing and weather into consideration!

26 thoughts on “Plants Are Friends

  1. omg i love the coordination of pieces. The pastel, with the cute graphic tee is super stunnign πŸ˜€

    I’d really love it if we followed each other πŸ™‚
    Hope you follow my blog β€˜Heylinni’ at:
    I’d be glad to follow back! Us bloggers should support each other ^_^


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