Hidden Jewel

 H&M blazer, cami
Jewel Toned “out all night” skirt (here)
Forever 21 heels

H&M crop top
Jewel Toned “out all night” skirt (here)
Mossimo heels

I was ecstatic when I saw this skirt in my mailbox from Jewel Toned. First of all, let me set this straight. This skirt is shapewear a.k.a. a garment that supposed to remain strictly under your outfit, not seen by anyone else but you. Throw this misconception away. Shapewear is a staple that is perfect to use as the base of your outfit. And if you happen to have some as cute as the ones from Jewel Toned, I promise you will want to let people see!
I love this skirt because of the bright, bold color. If you have been a reader of Enclothed Cognition for some time now, you know I gravitate towards black and other neutral colors. However, this skirt is so beautiful, I had to make an exception. It screams summer. In the first outfit I showed a more work appropriate option where you can use the Out All Night mini as a pencil skirt. However, in the second outfit  showed how you can wear it out as is. I also love this piece because of the actual quality. It’s such comfortable fabric that really slims your entire body. Plus, the lace and subtle polka dots make it so cute! 
Would you wear shapewear as outerwear? 🙂

18 thoughts on “Hidden Jewel

  1. What a great color Keri, definitely a great color for Spring! I don't think I have the body to wear this as outerwear but you totally nailed this look especially with the lace top. Gorgeous babe! 🙂 xo~ Lena


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