Valentine’s Day

 Hey guys! Here’s some things that you can do to make this Valentine’s Day special!

 1. Dress Cute. I love seeing Valentine’s Day inspired outfits. Whether you’re dressing to impress your significant other, or just for yourself, you should look good! Personally, I love dressing festive for any occasion so break out the pink and red!

 2. Lacy panties! Admit it. Nothing makes you feel better than having your legs shaved (just sayin) and wearing cute underwear. Who cares if no one sees it? If it makes you feel good, then hell with it. The four pairs I have pictured above are all from H&M and they were all on clearance for $1!

 3. Take pictures! I am obsessed with cute couple pictures. I always see the most adorable ones on tumblr and it just makes me melt. On the other hand, if you’re single, grab your girls and have a girls night out. Don’t forget to document your night with cute pictures to post on instagram!

4. Make some goodies! I attempted to make chocolate covered strawberries, but to my surprise it was actually quite difficult so they’re not the most aesthetically pleasing (but they taste freaking amazing). Or you can purchase these holiday sugar cookies with cute (kinda deformed) hearts on them! These never fail to please, plus they are so easy to make!
5. Play music. If there’s one thing I can’t live without, it is music. I feel like my world is over if I forget to bring my headphones with me somewhere. Love music is my absolute favorite and I even created a playlist for you all! It features my favorite romantic music that will definitely put you in that lovey-dovey mood. If you don’t like that, I recommend the “R&B Love Songs” playlist on Pandora. 
That’s it! I hope you all have an amazing Valentine’s Day, whether taken or single. I send out my love to all of you! 

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