H&M flannel and boots, Banana Republic trousers, Forever 21 necklace

I have been on the hunt for the perfect pair of grey trousers, but it has proven to be quite difficult to find a pair that fits me that doesn’t require tailoring. I found the pair you see above to temporarily curb my desire. They’re a 00 petite but still too baggy to my liking. Does anyone have any recommendations?

Oh, let’s play I-spy of all the little flaws in my picture. Find: my dog’s bum, his tennis ball, and the water droplets from snow. I was too lazy to redo. Hehe


3 thoughts on “Grayscale

  1. First off, obsessed with the grid printed top, and love this outfit entirely.
    Second off, I have the same problem with pants, though my problem is that I can't find any that fit my curves. I would suggest maybe Gap, Ann Taylor, perhaps even Nordstrom. I've found some really great formal like pants that fit be comfortably. I think I'll always be on the hunt for perfect pants!

    Kaylyn Nicole


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