In a Daze

 Old Navy moto jacket, Kenneth Cole blouse, Forever 21 sweats, Vera Wang booties

Thank god “fashionable” sweatpants exist in this world because today is one of those rainy days where every fiber of my being just wants to curl up in my bed and have a solo movie marathon. But alas, I’ll instead be spending every spare moment I have for the next 2.5 weeks studying for final exams. Anyway, yeah…sweatpants. At least I’ll be comfortable while writing an essay in the library without looking like a hobo.
For my fellow college students: Good luck as exams are creeping up on us! 23 days until Christmas!


11 thoughts on “In a Daze

  1. I agree about the sweat pants! I love that recently fashion has become a little more… comfortable? At least in some cases. I'm exactly the same way about winter. I just want to curl up into a ball and go full on hibernation mode. I need to be more like you and dress up nicely even on days I'm super lazy.


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