Review: Alexander Wang x H&M Yoga Mat


Two weeks before the Alexander Wang x H&M collection made its grandiose debut in stores on November 9th, I entered this contest via H&M’s snapchat and managed to win the yoga mat from the collection! I was stoked, especially since I was planning to be in line on the 9th, but was too sick to go. At least I have something from the collection.
Now that I have used it a couple of times, I think it does its job. My favorite aspect of it is the fact that it is extra long and when I lay out, my feet aren’t hanging off the edge. However, my major gripe with it is the carrier. It looks so sporty and chic when in it, but once you take it out it is impossible to put back in. For some reason they decided to make the circumference of the bag the same exact size as the rolled-up mat, making it a half hour ordeal to shove back into the holder. Good thing I predominately work out at home or I would look pathetic trying to take this mat in and out at the gym.
But being a college student, I have learned to graciously accept anything that is free. And, I do feel rather stylish whilst sweating my ass off…which is kind of nice, I guess.
Oh and I like to do yoga for warm-up stretching prior to exercising. Currently, I am trying to focus on working with weights and doing things to target my glutes (i.e. squats, dead lifts, etc). It has been hard to try and maintain some sort of exercise regimen, but I do my best to work out at least every other day. Summer bodies are made in winter, yknow! 🙂


8 thoughts on “Review: Alexander Wang x H&M Yoga Mat

  1. Congrats on winning! Anything free to college students is like a godsend – I loooooove freebies. Everything should be free for college students! I'm glad the yoga mat worked for you despite the minor flaw with the carrier. You should do a post on home workout routines if you haven't already! I'm too busy/far from any gyms and would love some good at-home workouts I can try 🙂

    Kaylyn Nicole


  2. That's awesome Keri congrats on the win!! Gosh I love this collection and the accessories are just as eye-catching as the clothing! Btw your post reminds me I need to get my bum to the gym 😉 xo~ Lena


  3. Right?! Free is one of my favorite words 😉
    Hmm, I'm not too much of an exercise pro, but perhaps one day in the future I'll share some of the little knowledge I do have of working out 😀


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