Blacker Than My Coffee

 Forever 21 coat (similar) & scarf, H&M blazer & top, Bullhead denim, Cole Haan loafers

Everyday as I take my first sip of coffee, I wonder to myself, is coffee a blessing or a vice? I am the type of person where I cannot live without it. Even in high school I would have coffee withdraw headaches. Sad, I know. Yet, I am grateful because it is my own personal magical liquid fuel that allows me to keep going class-to-class, essay-to-essay.

How do you take your coffee? Personally, I could drink it anyway.. Extra sweet, bitter, or dark. Today, I was feeling rather gloomy (can’t you tell from my vibrant attire?), so I purchased a large black cup before I walked back home.


34 thoughts on “Blacker Than My Coffee

  1. I, personally, don't drink coffee. I know! A lot of my friends think it's completely bizarre considering I'm a college student (I've gone through all four years without drinking a lick of coffee). I wish I could explain it but I can't.
    Anyway, not only am I in love with this outfit (anything black falls under my weakness) but I'm OBSESSED with your blog. I definitely followed – how could I not?


    Kaylyn Nicole


  2. I wish I was like you. Definitely major props to you for being in college and surviving without it, girl.

    Aww I'm definitely going to follow you back! Thanks so much ❤


  3. All-black with a pop of leopard is always a classic choice 😉 And YES, coffee is my magic elixir. I also have to have a cup every morning. However, I'm far way too basic to handle black coffee hehe… I'm much more of a Starbucks kinda gal! (I write this as I enjoy my salted caramel mocha) Us caffeine addicts need to stick together!

    It's so great to meet another 19-year-old blogger on here! 🙂 Hoping we can stay in touch!



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