Labor Day Weekend Whites

Buffalo Exchange blouse, H&M skirt, H&M/eBay necklaces, Vera Wang booties

First week of the semester is all wrapped up! I wanted to go out and celebrate all weekend, but unfortunately I caught this awful cold. I went out with a few friends Friday night and due to all my talking, lost my voice. So sad. So, last night I stayed in and watched the movie, Chef (highly recommend if you like food), and ate ice cream by myself. Not that I mind. Don’t get me wrong, I love going out and having a good time but there’s no way I can do it every night. I am definitely more of a homebody person.
When I woke up this morning I was happy to see that I regained some recollection of a voice. I still sound like a man, but at least I can communicate words.. So, no labor day weekend is complete without an all white ensemble! Do you have plans for a BBQ?


17 thoughts on “Labor Day Weekend Whites

  1. It seems like cold always arrive at the worst (best?) of times. I can't wait until all my assignments are done & my semester is over too. Love the all white outfit, it's cool how all white outfits are a Labour day tradition. I am in love the skirt! & that top is really nice too.


  2. I didn't get labor day off and I actually had school on Monday. Such a bummer seeing my friends go out and whatnot. Anyway I love this outfit so much. The top is so trippy in a good way and the way you matched the angular theme in your skirt was so subtle yet so clever! Also I have such a soft spot for black and white it's probably unhealthy.



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