A Day in the Life

Good morning. I started my day early by waking up at 7 AM to prep for my morning commute into the city. Gratefully, I made it to the local train station in time to catch the 8:47 AM. The ride is about 50 minutes long, an ample time to listen to music, read a book (photo #1), doze off, and generally just zone the world out. But I don’t get too comfortable because as soon as I arrive, I step out into the hustle and bustle of the everyday urban life.

I had some time to kill this morning, so I headed to Reading Terminal Market, an indoor market where there are hundreds of food stalls with unique, gourmet food (#2,3,4). You name it, they have it. Considering it was only 9:30 AM, I had to try and avoid the temptation of ordering something savory, like a large piece of garlic sausage. Self-control 101, folks. I opted for a doughnut instead. Why can’t I be healthy?

Warm food now in hand, I headed back out onto the city street and walked a few blocks to my destination. My walk is fairly peaceful as I pass through Philly’s historical district and there are always happy kids on field trips and whatnot (#5, #6). Finally, I reached the edge of Philly and got to enjoy my blueberry fritter doughnut at Penn’s Landing. It was lovely eating a hunk of sugar while gazing at the Delaware river. Oh, and of course I stopped at Starbucks along the way to get my fix for the day.

What a relaxing morning. After breakfast, I headed to the co-op designer boutique where I work (#7). Today was pretty low-key. I just did some online research and helped a designer fringe her scarves. Aftr a few hours, I reversed and headed back to the train for my commute home.

How was your day? x

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